This harmless supplement lowers blood sugar better than metformin

There are 20 amino acids, and all protein is made from these 20 amino acids.

The body can make some amino acids, but we must eat others.

But the truth is, it is often difficult to get all of the amino acids that we need.

Amino acids are often the most powerful medications available, and without the side effects of big Pharma chemicals.

I’m going to take taurine as an example.

Let’s just compare the effects of taurine with the effects of the common diabetes medication Metformin.

This harmless supplement lowers blood sugar better than metforminI might be giving away the plot here, but I will tell you that taking metformin

did not significantly affect all-cause mortality…or cardiovascular deaths .

In other words, Metformin made people uncomfortable, made them spend money, made them have all kinds of physical ailments from its side effects, but had actually no effect on whether they live longer from diabetes.

While we’re on the subject to Metformin, I can’t help but be surprised by the next line of this huge analysis of Metformin studies…

This one is breathtaking:

The rates of all myocardial infarctions, all strokes, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, leg amputations, and microvascular complications did not significantly differ.

Basically Metformin did nothing to diminish heart attacks, stroke, amputations or any other complication of diabetes.


The researchers were surprised:

We were surprised by the small number of studies with enough evidence to evaluate the efficacy of metformin.

The researchers conclude that the drugs such as metformin are approved based upon “surrogate endpoints” in this case HBA1C, commonly shortened to “A1C” levels:

efficacy of glucose-lowering drugs in diabetic patients use HbA1c levels as the primary outcome.

This is the game with all these drugs.

They pick some kind of phony endpoint, and then they prove the drug is working to lower or raise that endpoint.

But they aren’t required to show that the drug actually helps diabetics lower their blood sugar.

In young people, there IS a study showing metformin’s effectiveness in lowering fasting blood sugar.

It’s really hard to find any studies where they actually show any diabetes medications lowering blood sugar on a consistent basis.

These diabetic drugs are not approved based on lowering blood sugar.

They are approved on some arbitrary endpoint that the drug company optimizes for, that is within the so-called “standard of care.”

Drug companies themselves create the “standard of care” out of thin air.

But let’s dive back into looking at how effective metformin is at lowering blood sugar so we can compare to taurine.

I will hasten to explain that I take taurine even though I am not diabetic or prediabetic. And I think you should too. But let’s just talk about

And I think you should too.

But let’s just talk about taurine in terms of blood sugar for a moment and put aside all of its other benefits.

This study analyzed metformin studies and tried to see if this common diabetes medication really works.

This harmless supplement lowers blood sugar better than metforminWe can use it to determine how much Metformin lowers blood sugar compared to taurine.

And the researchers report:

Metformin caused a decline in fasting blood glucose from a mean of 84.9 to 75.1 mg%

That’s an 11.5% reduction in blood sugar in patients given metformin.

Keep that number in mind… that 11.5% reduction in blood sugar.

Let’s compare the reduction in blood sugar from Metformin to the reduction in blood sugar from the harmless normal amino acid taurine.

Taurine is what’s called “conditionally essential,” meaning that we technically don’t need taurine because your body makes enough of it.

But in reality, many of us are short of taurine.

And what I have found is that supplementing taurine is almost magical. It has so many positive benefits.

For example, taurine is the target of the study that we’re talking about in this newsletter.

This harmless supplement lowers blood sugar better than metforminThey gave some mice extra taurine, and they did not give extra taurine to some other mice.

And they found that taurine substantially lowered the blood sugars in a positive way for the mice who had the extra taurine.

As the researchers report

taurine-supplemented animals showed lower blood glucose concentrations

This graph shows a fairly dramatic difference in fasting blood sugars between mice that were fasted without taurine, and mice that were fasted with taurine supplementation.

The dashed lines are the mice that had no taurine supplementation.

Notice the substantially higher glucose levels of the “no taurine” mice, and the much lower blood sugars of the taurine-supplemented mice.

This harmless supplement lowers blood sugar better than metformin

When you look at this chart, you have to realize that this difference between taurine-supplemented mice and non-taurine-supplemented mice is quite large.

A blood sugar difference between 80 and 100 is quite a lot.

100 for a fasting blood sugar in a human being is a bit high. 80 is better.

And taurine can make the difference.

In fact, Taurine is almost twice as effective at lowering fasting blood sugar levels than metformin.

Look at the side effects of metformin.

lactic acidosis, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, nausea and vomiting, and flatulence. Other side effects include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, decreased vitamin b12 serum concentrate, and weakness. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects.

Look at the side effects of taurine:

Taurine is POSSIBLY SAFE for adults and children when taken by mouth in appropriate amounts. Taurine has been used safely in adults in studies lasting up to one year. It has been given safely to children for up to 4 months. People enrolled in research studies have not reported any side effects connected with the use of taurine.

How much to take?

As always, speak your doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

Taurine is an amino acid, so it’s probably contained in many foods that you’re eating already.

But taken by itself, it has powerful effects.

One effect of taurine is to increase the secretion of Gaul bladder salts.

It can enhance digestion, but it also can cause heartburn.

Human dosages of taurine tend to be 1000 to 1500 milligrams per day, or several times a day.

You can buy a big bag of taurine for next to nothing online or at your health food store.

That taurine that you buy should be pure, and hopefully contain a certificate of analysis from a lab showing you that it is pure taurine without a lot of heavy metals or contaminants.

You can also get capsules of taurine and use those.

I prefer to use bulk supplements, specifically the powders, because the capsules have extra ingredients called excipients, such as titanium dioxide and micro cellulose (the sand).

The powders contain nothing but taurine hopefully.

You can see why I take to taurine every day.

Lowering blood sugar is just one of many powerful effects of taurine supplementation.

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1. Does taurine lower blood sugar? 
Taurine is an important amino acid which is found in abundance in the body but is at very low levels among Individuals suffering from high blood sugar. Several research studies have proven that taurine in supplement form, can help effectively lower blood sugar. The increase in blood sugar is detrimental for the body and can cause health implications to the heart, pancreas, arteries, kidneys and eyes. Taurine also helps in lowering the risk of arterial stiffness and helps to boost the blood flow in the body.Taurine also helps in the production of nitric oxide(eNOS) which helps to relax the circulatory system and helps in balancing the blood pressure in the body. This is an important aspect since taurine in supplement form can help a lot of individuals in the treatment of diabetes and prevent related health issues like atherosclerotic disease. Excess dietary sugar is the root cause of the pre-diabetes stage and in many ways, taurine protects against the metabolic imbalances that is caused by a high sugar diet. It has been found that supplementation with taurine can lower insulin resistance by as much as  50 %, lower triglycerides by 20% and LDL cholesterol by 21%. One of the major health implication from high blood sugar is complications to the retina. Taurine has been found to protect any damages to the retina. An increase in the blood sugar effects liver and kidney health severely, as it becomes more vulnerable to free radicals damage. To that note, Taurine has been found important in improving the enzyme function of the kidney and liver, while strengthening the production of the antioxidant glutathione which helps the body combat free radical damage. It also helps detoxify the liver cells of many damaging toxins.Taurine also plays a major role in improving cardiovascular health, balance the electrolyte levels in the body and helps boost cell development and maintenance in the human body. Not only can it prevent fatty liver disease but it also aids in the transportation of much needed glucose from the blood to the heart muscle cells thus preventing cardiovascular problems and lower blood glucose levels. Taurine also plays an important role in maintaining nerve fibre elasticity, thus reversing or slowing diabetic neuropathy which can be a painful condition. 

2. What is glycine blood sugar? 
Glycine is an important amino acid which is important for the different metabolic and muscle function s of the body. It is considered one of the core 20 amino acids which help in the production of protein in the body, which helps in tissue development specifically around the joints and muscles. Usually found in traces in foods like poultry, eggs, meat and dairy products, Glycine helps in building connective tissues in the body. But it is in foods like bone broth, that glycine is found in a far higher concentration. Glycine also helps in maintaining good digestive health by maintaining the intestinal wall, regulating gastric acids and also help in the healing of ulcers. Not only does it help improve muscle growth but, it also helps in slowing down the loss of cartilage in joints.Glycine is also functional in the transportation of essential nutrients like glycogen and fat for energy production and is very important in the formation of collagen and gelatin. Among individuals who are suffering from high blood sugar; glycine can be administered to lower blood sugar levels. A high sugar diet can cause the increase of insulin in the body which leads to the body's inability to burn fats. This is instead stored in the body. Glycine has been found to stimulate glucagon in removing insulin from the blood circulation.Supplementing with glycine can also help boost the levels of collagen in people who are suffering from diabetes. It can also be very beneficial in reducing the effects of accelerated ageing which is usually severe in people who are suffering from diabetes. In addition to that glycine helps alleviate and restore the body’s own collagen supply which helps to rebuild bones, improve gut health and stabilize blood sugar levels. Thus consumption of proteins with carbohydrates is very important to assimilate more glycine in the body.