This gives you a double layer of protection against inflammation

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This gives you a double layer of protecting against inflammation

What if just BEING a guy was protective of your health?

It turns out that might be the case — at least when it comes to autoimmune disorders.

It’s already well-known that women have higher rates of diseases like celiac and rheumatoid arthritis.

For instance, celiac disease is two to three times as common in women as in men. Multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis are three times as common. Thyroid problems? Five to eight times.

“Actually, eight out of 10 individuals with autoimmune disease are women,” Busada said.

The question is, “Why do men get less of these types of disease?”

Researchers from West Virginia University may have found an answer, and it’s likely to surprise you…

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Most chronic health conditions are caused by inflammation gone wild in the body.

Inflammation is a protective immune response, but when too much of it occurs, it can cause real problems and long-term damage to the systems of the body.

The overarching theme of my lab is to understand what’s controlling the balance between a protective immune response, which is just targeting the infection, and a pathogenic immune response, which is like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum and damaging everything.

This is why SO MUCH of my research and what I teach is based on lowering excessive inflammation in the body.

But what this team of researchers found in regards to the way inflammation works and what can put the brakes on inflammation is quite remarkable.

The researchers wanted to know if androgens — male hormones — were the cause of these particular differences.

So they took mice without glucocorticoids (a natural anti-inflammatory in our bodies) and testosterone and they found that in both males and females the mice had the same inflammation response.

In researching mice without either glucocorticoids or testosterone, Busada, his research partner John Cidlowski — a senior investigator with the National Institutes of Health — and their colleagues observed that males’ stomach inflammation increased as much as the females’ did.

But when they gave the female mice testosterone their inflammation just disappeared.

What’s more, when he and his team gave testosterone to the female mice, their inflammation vanished.

Now, I’m not suggesting that women go out and take large quantities of testosterone.

I’ve found that small amounts can be helpful for women in certain situations, but never large amounts.

But it is interesting that androgens are so anti-inflammatory.

We proved that androgens were the hormones giving male mice that double layer of protection from inflammation.

And these researchers are suggesting a direct link between people’s hormone production — their endocrine systems — and their health.

“If someone presents with stomach inflammation, it might be worth it for clinicians to investigate what’s going on with their endocrine system,” Busada said.

This doesn’t particularly surprise me. I’ve seen men completely turn around their health outcomes when they raise their testosterone levels naturally.

Unfortunately, testosterone supplementation doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

Taking care of your body, especially as a man, involves making sure that it’s producing enough testosterone.

Thankfully, this isn’t too difficult to achieve for most men.

The reality is that if you understand how inflammation affects your body and how to keep inflammation in the protective realm instead of the destructive one…

You can most likely greatly improve your health and how you feel.

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