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How to get erections again seconds after ejaculating

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This one nutrient increases apoptosis (kills cancer)

Vitamin K2 is a relatively recently discovered vitamin.

But the effects of vitamin K2 have been observed for over 100 years.

In the 1930s, Weston a Price wrote a book about his travels around the world looking at the health of different populations.

He noted that an unknown dietary nutrient seemed to be responsible for dental health, physical appearance and overall health.

That nutrient is now widely believed to be vitamin K2.

It is accepted that K2 can improve bone health, cardiovascular health and increase testosterone.

A number of studies even show that vitamin K2 could be useful in the fight against cancer.

The nutrient increases apoptosis – the natural death of cells which is decreased in cancer.

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The cell experiments were performed at Tokyo Medical University. The paper was published in the International Journal of Oncology.

Prior to this study, a number of experiments showed that vitamin K2 may be beneficial for people with leukemia.

This research started out with cell experiments.

“Vitamin K2 has been reported to show apoptosis and differentiation-inducing effects on leukemia cells.”

Later work showed that vitamin K2 is indeed beneficial for people with leukemia and related cancers.

“Clinical benefits of vitamin K2 have been demonstrated in the treatment of the patients with acute leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes.”

Myelodysplastic syndromes are a type of rare blood cancer where the body does not produce enough healthy blood cells.

The experiments below detail how vitamin K2 may also be beneficial for lung cancers.

“In the present study, we examined the in vitro effects of vitamin K2 on lung carcinoma cell lines.”

The researchers used a number of different types of cells.

All these numbers refer to types of cells which are from different types of human lung cancers.

“We used LU-139 and LU-130 for small cell carcinomas, PC-14 and CCL-185 for adenocarcinomas, LC-AI and LC-1/sq for squamous cell carcinomas, and IA-LM for large cell carcinoma.”

The researchers discovered that vitamin K2 was able to slow the growth of lung cancer cells.

Vitamin K2 slowed the growth of all types of human lung cancer cells.

Higher doses led to greater decreases in cancer growth.

“Treatment with vitamin K2 for 48 to 96 h resulted in cell growth suppression in a dose-dependent manner in all cell lines tested.”

The nutrient seems to be equally effective against all of the different lung cancer cells.

“There was no relation between the efficacy of growth suppression by vitamin K2 and tissue type of lung carcinoma cell lines.”

At least part of the effect was due to vitamin K2 increasing cancer -related enzymes (caspases).

“Morphologic features of the cells treated with vitamin K2 were typical for apoptosis along with caspase-3 activation.”

Caspases are enzymes which are crucial mediators of apoptosis.

Caspase-3 is a common death protease.

Vitamin K2 increases the enzymes which help with healthy cell death.

The researchers found that a combination of vitamin K2 and a common cancer treatment increases the anticancer effect.

“Combined treatment of cisplatin plus vitamin K2 resulted in enhanced cytocidal effect compared to the cells treated with either cisplatin or vitamin K2 alone.”

Cisplatin is an injectable chemotherapy medication used to treat a number of cancers.

Cytocidal means killing cells – in this case cancer cells.

Vitamin K2 has a remarkably good safety profile.

There is no reason to believe that it could have harmful effects for people with lung cancer.

The researchers suggest that this fat-soluble nutrient – found in cheeses and liver – may be useful treatment for lung cancer.

“K2 is a safe medicine without prominent adverse effects like bone marrow suppression, our data strongly suggest the therapeutic possibility of using vitamin K2 for the treatment of patients with lung carcinoma.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

—-Important Message About Vitamin K2—-

The right kind of vitamin K2 boosts penile blood flow

If you want great blood flow down there, it’s essential that you get enough vitamin K2 — and not just any K2, but the right kind of K2.

The right kind of vitamin K2 clears the arteries out, removing any blockages and putting calcium deposits back into the bones where they belong.

This improves blood flow almost immediately — especially down there where men need good blood flow the most.

Plus, as an added bonus, having the right amount of vitamin K2 in the body reduces the chance of heart disease by more than 50%:

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But here’s the thing — men should get the right kind of vitamin K2 from foods, NOT supplements.

So here are 5 deliciously simple foods that boost the right kind of vitamin K2 levels for better blood flow and better boners


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Apoptosis induction of vitamin K2 in lung carcinoma cell lines: the possibility of vitamin K2 therapy for lung cancer