This food ingredient should be outlawed – are you eating it?

It’s hiding in so many foods…

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This food ingredient should be outlawed — how much did you eat today?

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This bad ingredient is in MOST of today’s foods…

…it builds up in the bloodstream and travels to different parts of the body…

It builds up in a man’s Leydig cells in the testicles, making his testosterone plummet…

It destroys the beta cells in the pancreas, so men become insulin resistant and get diabetes…

…and it builds up in a man’s penile chambers, blocking good blood flow and causing “rockiness” problems.

So tell me — have you been warned about this bad food ingredient yet or how to keep it from building up in your bloodstream?


This supplement is so powerful, it can stop cobra venom from poisoning you

Nearly 100 years ago, some researchers carried out experiments depleting levels of certain types of fats in animals…

Those animals got sick and the fats in question became known as essential fatty acids.

Since then, we have been told that we need to get a certain amount of these fats from vegetable oils and fish oils in our diet or we will become ill.

But a few years after those experiments other researchers noticed that the experimental diets were also deficient in other nutrients.

They ran those experiments again – this time making sure that the diets were only deficient in those fats in question.

The animals did not get sick this time.

But that research did not achieve the same degree of notoriety as the initial experiments.

Since then there is a massive research showing that these fats are not essential…

…but rather they are the cause of many different types of disease.

A new series of experiments showed that depleting these fats protected animals against the effects of cobra venom!

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The animal research was carried out at the University of Michigan Medical Center. The paper was published in The American Journal of Physiology.

Arachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid which we get mostly from vegetable oils. It is one of the fats known as “essential fatty acids”.

Breakdown products from these fats have been shown to be associated with lung injury caused by snakebite venom.

“Arachidonate metabolites appear to be involved in lung injury caused by cobra venom factor-induced complement and leukocyte activation.”

Leukocytes are white blood cells charged with protecting against invaders and infection.

“These studies were designed to assess the effects of a dietary-induced deficiency of arachidonic acid on cobra venom factor-induced lung injury.”

When researchers fed rats on a diet deficient in these fats the animals were afforded significant protection against the damage caused by cobra venom.

“In rats raised on the essential fatty acid deficient diet, cobra venom factor-induced lung injury was minimized.”

The snake venom causes tightening of the blood vessels in the lungs.

But animals on the fat deficient diet suffered far less from this effect of snakebite.

“The cobra venom lung injury was reduced when blood perfusate or blood perfusate and excised lungs were obtained from rats raised on the essential fatty acid deficient diet.”

Further investigation revealed that the essential fatty acids may be interfering with the working of immune system cells…

Cells which are designed to target invaders and toxins.

“The essential fatty acid deficient diet-induced attenuation of cobra venom factor-induced pulmonary hypertension and acute lung injury is due to defective effector cells in blood rather than modified pulmonary target tissue.”

An effector cell is any type of cell that actively responds to a problem and effects some change.

The study shows yet again the harm which can be initiated by these heavily marketed and massively consumed fats.

This experiment focused on arachidonic acid which mainly comes from vegetable oils…

But fats from fish oils have similar effects because they are structurally unstable just like vegetable oils.

And maybe you will never get bitten by a cobra…

But as I have written about before, these fats are essential for cancer and play a major role in the development of type II diabetes.

These unstable, non-essential, polyunsaturated fats also cause harm to the heart, brain and reproductive system.

If you do get bitten by a snake…

You may fare better if the fats in your diet come from saturated sources like butter, beef, coconut oil and cocoa fat.

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Lung injury caused by cobra venom factor is reduced in rats raised on an essential fatty acid-deficient diet