This food destroys scar tissue in the arteries for better blood flow

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This kind of scar tissue is called fibrosis and it can lead to major heart problems — but this food naturally dissolves fibrosis!

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This food destroys scar tissue in the arteries for better blood flow

Atrial fibrillation is a common heart rhythm disorder. It causes rapid, slow or erratic and irregular heartbeats.

Fainting, shortness of breath, and anxiety are commonly associated with atrial fibrillation.

It’s linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

There are numerous different causes of atrial fibrillation — it’s a very nonspecific symptom.

Atrial fibrillation can be caused by hormonal imbalances like high or low thyroid, low testosterone, etc.

Atrial fibrillation can also be caused by physical changes to the heart — something called remodeling. This is perhaps the most worrying cause of atrial fibrillation because there is clear underlying degenerative disease.

However, researchers have shown that a number of supplements, including taurine can help with atrial fibrillation and reverse remodeling.

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The animal experiments were carried out at Shenyang Agricultural University in China. The findings are published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.

Taurine is an interesting compound which is found in trace amounts in animal foods.

It has numerous beneficial effects including helping to control some heart rhythm problems (arrhythmia).

“Taurine has reported antiarrhythmic effects, but the anti-atrial fibrillation effects in this mechanism remain incompletely understood.”

So these Chinese researchers set out to learn more about the role of taurine in one of the most common and worrisome arrhythmias — atrial fibrillation with atrial remodelling.

The researchers created atrial fibrillation in lab animals using previously discovered techniques.

This involved giving the animals a couple of different chemicals which cause both atrial fibrillation and atrial remodeling.

The atrium is the upper chamber of the heart where blood enters through the ventricles. Atrial remodeling refers to structural changes in this part of the heart.

The atrium is obviously a part of the heart responsible for atrial fibrillation too.

Atrial remodeling is one cause of atrial fibrillation.

Changes in the structure of the atrium are accompanied by increases in inflammatory proteins.

The researchers looked at atrial fibrillation, atrial remodeling, and inflammatory proteins in lab animals given taurine alongside the toxic chemicals.

Taurine administration lowered levels of inflammatory proteins linked to atrial fibrillation and atrial remodeling.

“Blood levels of inflammatory proteins were all decreased by taurine administration.”

Atrial remodeling, the harmful changes to the upper chamber of the heart, were also prevented to a large degree by supplemental taurine.

“Interstitial fibrosis could be reversed by additional taurine.”

Fibrosis is the buildup of web-like scar tissue. It can occur anywhere in the body. In the atrium of the heart it causes atrial remodeling and atrial fibrillation.

The harmful degeneration of the heart which causes atrial fibrillation can be mitigated by supplemental taurine.

The researchers used an electron microscope to see what was going on at the microscopic level.

The tiny alterations to heart cells caused by the toxic chemicals were reversed by taurine.

“Electron microscopy revealed that taurine administration could significantly alleviate the ultra structural damage of atrial cells.”

Because of all this, supplemental taurine could prevent or reverse atrial fibrillation when it is caused by atrial remodeling.

“The results suggested that taurine could inhibit the structural remodeling of atrial fibrillation in rats by decreasing inflammatory factors and attenuating heart fibrosis by protecting the heart ultrastructure.”

The rhythm of the heart can be affected by many things…

But when the cause is structural damage to the heart from increased inflammation, supplementing taurine could have significant benefits.

Taurine is easily available as an over-the-counter powder.

Many energy drinks also contain large amounts of taurine because it helps to offset anxiety caused by the effects of high doses of caffeine.

Sea scallop is by far the best natural, whole food source of taurine. It also contains large amounts of healthy glycine.

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Taurine Reverses Atrial Structural Remodeling in Ach-Cacl 2 Induced Atrial Fibrillation Rats