This fixes leaky gut and boosts important male androgens

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Testosterone and DHT can be higher than a 20-year-old’s

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This fixes leaky gut and boosts important male androgens

Numerous human and animal studies have shown that the gut bacteria of young and old are very different.

You can tell with a very high degree of certainty whether an animal is old or young simply by looking at its gut bacteria.

Some men and animals age slower than others, and these older individuals have the gut bacteria profiles of younger specimens.

We already know that certain gut bacteria patterns cause leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut syndrome happens when bacteria leak from the gut into the rest of the body.

Inflammation of these leaked bacteria can damage the testicles, leading to low testosterone.

This leaky gut syndrome also causes many other diseases associated with older age.

But we recently discovered that something else is also going on.

Recent research has shown that gut bacteria may have a large effect on male hormones inside the gut itself.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. The findings were published in Endocrinology and Metabolism — the American Journal of Physiology.

The researchers analyzed levels of male hormones, testosterone and DHT, in the guts of different animals.

They looked at the levels of these hormones in different parts of the guts too.

The researchers found very high levels of testosterone and DHT in the small intestines.

Lower down in the gut they found very high levels of free DHT.

DHT is the most powerful masculinizing hormone — and free DHT is a form available to the body which makes you more manly.

“We detected high levels of testosterone and DHT in small intestinal contents, whereas the distal intestine contained remarkably high levels of free DHT.”

Another investigation looked at the levels of hormones contained in feces of young men.

They found remarkably high levels of free DHT there.

“In young adult men, high levels of unconjugated DHT, 70 times higher than that found in blood, were detected in feces.”

Further animal experiments showed that changing gut bacteria had massive effects on the levels of male hormones.

“In contrast to mice with normal gut bacteria, germ-free mice at high levels of glucose are only dated testosterone and DHT, but very low free DHT levels in the distal intestine.”

It’s a confusing picture for now, but it does tell us that gut bacteria have an enormous effect on male hormones. Much greater than previously known.

These effects are separate from low testosterone caused by leaky gut syndrome — because that is due to an effect of bacterial inflammation on the testicles.

“Gut bacteria is involved in the metabolism of androgens, resulting in extremely high free levels of the most potent androgen, DHT, in the colonic content of young and healthy mice and men.”

Many of the major health problems men suffer with can be clearly linked to both gut problems and low testosterone.

These health problems include erections problems, type II diabetes, dementia, and obesity.

We already know that improving the health of the gut can massively boost testosterone and DHT levels.

Healing the gut also has major benefits for diabetes and obesity.

The effect of gut bacteria on male hormone levels in the gut itself could well lead to a much greater understanding of these problems…

And even more solutions to add to our toolkit in the coming years.

But be in no doubt, it’s already possible to fix gut problems and significantly reverse all of these health issues — if you know what you’re doing.

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The gut microbiota is a major regulator of androgen metabolism in intestinal contents