This fixes cavities at home for a fraction of the cost

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This vitamin “remineralizes” the teeth, naturally filling in cavities

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This fixes cavities at home for a fraction of the cost

This sounds far-fetched.

Surely, everybody knows that healing cavities is impossible. Right?

Well, as it turns out, not really.

Teeth are like bone, they need calcium to repair themselves. The process is called remineralization.

Dr. Judeth Benoit covers this topic at length in her 2015 book How to Stop Cavities: A Natural Approach to Prevention and Remineralization.

The absorption of calcium from food is regulated by vitamin D status and the interaction with another fat-soluble vitamin (K2):

“Vitamin K₂ is necessary for proper calcium uptake into the teeth (and bones)(…)” – Judene Benoit (2015)

Simply by looking at reviews of various vitamin K2 products on the market, it is easy to find anecdotal accounts of remineralization of cavities following supplementation with vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 may facilitate prevention and remineralization of cavities by modulating the quality of saliva.

Saliva appears to have many functions:

“A study of saliva and its tooth-protective components reveals at least four important functions of saliva: (1) buffering ability, (2) a cleansing effect, (3) antibacterial action, and (4) maintenance of a saliva supersaturated in calcium phosphate.’’ – Dowd (1999)

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In essence, saliva can neutralize (raise the pH) an overly acidic mouth, which opposes the conditions which create a cavity in the first place.

This can then allow cavities to “heal.”

“The buffering capacity of saliva is critical to neutralizing the oral environment. This minimizes the de-mineralization of enamel and enhances its re-mineralization. K2, such as that found in fermented cheese, improves salivary buffering through its influence on calcium and inorganic phosphates secreted.’’ – Southward (2015)

Vitamin K2 is not abundant in western diets. It used to be, but not anymore.

Foods like grass-fed butter, liver, eggs, and various animal products are good sources.

Some cheeses like Brie and Gouda also have appreciable amounts of vitamin K2.

My own grandmother mentioned that eating a piece of cheese used to be seen as a passable alternative to the toothbrush back in the day.

Judeth Benoit corroborates this idea in her book:

“Growing up I remember always looking at a magnet on the kitchen fridge in the shape of a cheese triangle with a bite taken out of it. It said “Cheese Puts the Bite on Cavities’’. Cheese can provide many benefits to naturally prevent and remineralize cavities.” – Benoit (2015, p. 132)

Basically, returning to a more traditional diet including lots of quality animal products may help prevent and remineralize cavities.

Beyond vitamin K2, all fat-soluble vitamins — including A, D, and E — play a role in the process of remineralization.

Liver is a great source of vitamin A, while sunshine remains the best way to get vitamin D.

Vitamin E is more difficult to source, but there are several good supplements available nowadays.

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If you want great blood flow down there, it’s essential that you get enough vitamin K2 — and not just any K2, but the right kind of K2.

The right kind of vitamin K2 clears the arteries out, removing any blockages and putting calcium deposits back into the bones where they belong.

This improves blood flow almost immediately — especially down there where men need good blood flow the most.

Plus, as an added bonus, having the right amount of vitamin K2 in the body reduces the chance of heart disease by more than 50%:

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But here’s the thing — men should get the right kind of vitamin K2 from foods, NOT supplements.

So here are 5 deliciously simple foods that boost the right kind of vitamin K2 levels for better blood flow and better boners



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