This everyday item may be making your hair thinner

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This everyday item may be making your hair thinner

Despite abundant research indicating that EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation exposure does affect health in a myriad of ways, most people think it is harmless.

The idea that ‘’non-ionizing’’ radiation is harmless to humans is in all likelihood a myth perpetuated by industry and mainstream practitioners.

The world today depends almost entirely on wireless technologies like bluetooth, WiFi, 5G, etc.

The idea that they could be harmful to humans is profoundly incompatible with fundamental financial interests.

Cellphones, laptops, cellphone towers, electricity meters, and a variety of other sources constantly emit electromagnetic radiation which interferes with normal physiological processes.

And there is more than enough evidence to back up this assertion.

In his 2017 book, Nicolas Pineault reviews the research on EMFs in a very comprehensive manner.

EMF exposure, even from simple cell phone use, can affect something as fundamental as our DNA:

“As Martin Blank explains in Overpowered, EMFs have been shown to cause DNA damage over and over, ‘at levels of EMF exposure equivalent to those resulting from typical cell phone use.’” – Pineault (2017)

On a more ‘’superficial’’ level, a 2016 study discussed a case study of direct hair loss in a 46 year old man, possibly from cell phone use:

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The man had been using his cellphone extensively:

“Details of personal history revealed that the patient was a wholesale business trader, buying and selling commodities.There was a history of at least 18-20 business conversations of more than 20 minutes duration every day for the past 9-10 months. Patient had a history of prolonged cell phone talk with continuous long conversations holding the phone pressed in place between the left [3]shoulder and the ear by bending the neck completely to the left and lifting the left shoulder upwards to hold the phone. The area of hairloss and thinning corresponded to the tilted position of the mobile phone when it was held between the left ear and the shoulder.’’ – Rajput (2016)

The author of the study makes reference to the DNA damage known to be induced by EMFs and reviews previous research which linked use of cellphones with DNA damage and increase in ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).

ROS are part of the process of oxidative stress and can induce negative changes in human tissues.

The man was put on a treatment involving the mainstream product of minoxidil, but also several antioxidants and other nutrients to counter the production of ROS.

This included several vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

After 4 months, the previous hair loss around the temple was reversed:

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This is just a case report but it illustrates how EMF exposure can directly affect human tissues and function.

Of course, this is an extreme example of a man who talked on his cellphone for several hours daily, holding it next to his head.

But it does provide another piece of evidence. Moreover, the hair loss seen in this situation is probably not the only impact.

There are probably direct consequences to the brain from prolonged exposure to EMFs due to cell phone use.

It’s important to be aware of the risks. Reading Nicolas Pineault’s 2017 book is a good starting point.

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