This drink demolishes the brain toxin that causes Alzheimer’s

This drink contains ingredients that destroy the amyloid plaques linked to Alzheimer’s

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Matt Cook here, and one of my greatest fears is ending up alone in a nursing home one day…

…not able to remember my loved ones or my own name…

That’s why I’m doing this work, finding studies that Big Pharma doesn’t want us to see…

Studies like this one that shows a simple drink can be a powerful preventer of Alzheimer’s…

So make sure you’re drinking this if you’re not already…

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This drink demolishes the brain toxin that causes Alzheimer’s

I’m a big coffee drinker and I recommend that people drink coffee.

That’s because coffee has many protective health properties…

Including protecting you from developing what is known as beta-amyloid plaques in your brain.

This is the type of plaque that occurs in higher quantities in Alzheimer’s patients and is a marker of the disease.

Since no one wants to develop Alzheimer’s, drinking coffee is an easy way to give yourself some level of protection.

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This recent study confirms that coffee intake slows down the accumulation of this nasty plaque…

A plaque that clogs the brain during Alzeihmer’s and can reduce cognitive decline during the aging process.

Our results further support the hypothesis that coffee intake may be a protective factor against AD, with increased coffee consumption potentially reducing cognitive decline by slowing cerebral Aβ-amyloid accumulation, and thus attenuating the associated neurotoxicity from Aβ-amyloid-mediated oxidative stress and inflammatory processes. Further investigation is required to evaluate whether coffee intake could be incorporated as a modifiable lifestyle factor aimed at delaying AD onset.

That’s GREAT news.

Especially since drinking coffee is such a simple intervention and it tastes great too!

In this study the researchers looked at more than 200 older adults over the course of 10 years.

What they found through brain imaging and cognitive testing was that coffee drinkers had LESS cognitive impairment than people who didn’t drink coffee.

This confirms a previous study that was done outside the human body…

…and showed that certain chemicals in coffee inhibit the beta amyloid plaques from aggregating.

While the neuroprotective effect of coffee consumption is likely due to a combination of factors, our data suggest that inhibition Aβ and tau aggregation by phenylindane 6 (formed during the roasting of coffee beans, higher quantities found in dark roast coffees) is a plausible mechanism by which coffee may provide neuroprotection.

In the above study, the scientists tested different types of coffee with and without caffeine in the lab on amyloid and tau plaques in the lab.

They found that specific compounds in coffee that weren’t caffeine were protective.

I would warn you here about trying to take a capsule form of these compounds to get the same effect.

I’m not sure if that’s available yet, but generally speaking foods have tons of phytonutrients in them that are very difficult to get in isolated capsule form.

It’s far better to drink or eat the protective food source than to try to take a capsule as a substitute.

While coffee has many beneficial health benefits, it also has a bad reputation.

One of the worst myths about coffee is that it causes arrhythmias (irregular heart beats) due to the caffeine.

But that is just a myth.

Even patients with heart failure didn’t experience arrhythmias due to caffeine intake.

Acute ingestion of high doses of caffeine did not induce arrhythmias in patients with systolic heart failure and at high risk for ventricular arrhythmias.

If you want to protect your brain from Alzeihmer’s, then drinking coffee is a simple and easy preventative step that you can take.

It’s not a guarantee that you won’t get cognitive decline as you age, but it can help and it doesn’t hurt.

Because while Big Pharma focuses mainly on treating disease, it’s far better to prevent disease than to treat it…

Especially with a disease like Alziehmer’s that they STILL don’t have a good cure for yet…

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