This cuts cancer risk in half — just take 1 a day

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…and you can get it for just a few bucks…cancer docs would have to find another line of work if every man swallows one of these each day…

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This cuts cancer risk in half — just take 1 a day

There is a lot of terrible false information out there about aspirin.

The Big Pharma corporations hate it because aspirin is better at just about everything than any patented substance sold for hundreds of dollars.

Maybe you heard about a supposed study showing that aspirin isn’t beneficial.

Maybe your doctor warned you to stop taking aspirin.

Well, that study is a lie.

Read it closely and you see how they twisted statistics to come to a conclusion that the study data does NOT support.

The people who fund all the research know how to twist statistics around…and bury the real findings in the parts of the study that hardly anyone reads.

I read the entire study, not just the summary.

And the entire study shows aspirin is INCREDIBLY beneficial…

For instance, let’s look at cancer deaths amongst aspirin users today…

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We humans have been using aspirin for thousands of years.

Aspirin is derived from willow bark.

We’ve used it in medicine in the form of tea and other compounds for thousands of years, so our bodies are well adapted to it.

Its more purified form (the aspirin tablet or powder) was invented in the 1890s.

At the time, it was called a “miracle drug” because of its ability to break fevers and relieve pain.

But it turns out that aspirin really is a miracle cure.

Aspirin can do a lot of great things – and we go into many of those in our courses.

But this study I want to talk about now is really interesting…

It shows a very long-term effect of aspirin actually combating cancer.

Aspirin makes cancer death rates go down…

“We studied deaths due to cancer during and after randomized trials of daily aspirin versus control – done originally for prevention of vascular events.”

The reason that the scientists were even able to get this data is that aspirin has been prescribed for a long time now to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

And tons of people take it every day.

But the effects on cancer haven’t always been well known, because it seems to take a long time to create this effect.

“The benefit of aspirin was apparent only after five years’ follow-up…”

So the protective benefits of aspirin against cancer only show up after taking it daily for five years.

But what’s really interesting is that this effect didn’t just start at five years and then end…

It continued for as long as people were taking the aspirin.

Even 20 years later, the risk of cancer death remained lower in the groups that were taking aspirin.

“The 20-year risk of cancer death remained lower in the aspirin groups than in the control groups.”

Not only that, but this seemed to work on several different types of cancers – and for many demographics of people.

It’s very rare for anything to work this well for so many people and so many types of conditions.

But aspirin does.

“Daily aspirin reduced deaths due to several common cancers during and after the trials.”

And the results were not only long-lasting but cumulative!

The longer people took aspirin, the lower the cancer death rate was.

“Benefit increased with duration of treatment and was consistent across the different study populations.”

Talk about a miracle pill!

What doses were the people taking in this study?

The study didn’t tell us what the daily dose of aspirin was…

But, because it was for cardiovascular events, my guess is that it was probably a baby aspirin.

That is the dose most often prescribed by doctors for those conditions.

I should also note that through my studies I’ve come up with a slightly different protocol for taking aspirin that I teach in our courses…

Because, as I mentioned earlier, we’ve found that aspirin is really great for a lot of different conditions.

But, going by this study, even a baby aspirin a day can be super-helpful.

One thing to consider is that, while docs often recommend the coated kind, I prefer the uncoated kind (if they don’t give you a tummy ache).

Those ones enter your system where they are supposed to.

Whereas the coating on the coated ones can actually make it dissolve in your intestines – which is not ideal.

And I personally use more aspirin than this…

But remember I’m not a doctor, so it’s important to always consult with your doc for any medical advice.

I don’t know of any other treatment that has this kind of track record for improving health.

An aspirin a day just might keep cancer away better than just about anything else.

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Effect of daily aspirin on long-term risk of death due to cancer: analysis of individual patient data from randomised trials