This cured cancer in 4 people — Big Pharma wants it stopped

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It wasn’t supposed to happen… so they’re trying to bury it…

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This cured cancer in 4 people — Big Pharma wants it stopped

Doctors don’t know everything…

Sometimes we put doctors up on a pedestal.

We often think that they know everything there is to know about the human body and how it works.

But this simply isn’t the case.

Medicine has come a long way in the last hundred years, and most doctors are really competent at their jobs.

I like my doctor and I’m sure you like yours.

But science is moving at such a fast pace, that frankly they just can’t keep up with all the new developments that can treat their patients.

And that reality shown by these four women, who got complete remission from cancer.

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They took the research into their own hands and insisted on trying something that wasn’t supposed to work.

Immunotherapy was not supposed to work for this type of cancer, but it did.

These four women all had a super aggressive type of ovarian cancer, and they were told that immunotherapy wasn’t an option.

They were told the immunotherapy ‘treatments’ were out of the question – they would not work against ovarian cancer.

But the women had done their research, and they got their doctors to make an exception and give them the immunotherapy treatment.

Because of that, their cancers went into complete remission — even though that wasn’t supposed to happen.

The (four) women managed to get immunotherapy, and their cancers went into remission. They returned to work; their lives returned to normalcy.

This is important, because doctors can’t possibly keep up with the volume of research that’s going on in every field today.

That’s why it’s important that you become an advocate for your own health.

And it’s one of the main reasons that I continue to write and inform my readers about all of their options.

In this case, these women who advocated aggressively for themselves got amazing results.

Their bodies showed no evidence of the cancer after the treatment.

Immediately, her tumors shrank and continued shrinking as she continued with the ‘treatment’ — so much so that her doctors now say she has no evidence of the disease.

These results don’t mean that every person who has cancer will respond to immunotherapy.

This is only the results from four women, and a very specific type of ovarian cancer, but the results are staggering.

And this opens up lines of research into other types of cancers — including cancers that affect men.

Four women hardly constitutes a clinical trial. Still “ it is the exceptions that give you the best insights,” said Dr. Drew Pardoll.

Immunotherapy is really remarkable.

It works by allowing your immune system to actively attack just the cancer cells.

It does this by dismantling a protective layer that many cancer cells have.

The idea behind immunotherapy is to dismantle a molecular shield that some tumors use to avoid an attack by the body’s white blood cells.

But even with the amazing results that some people get from immunotherapy, it doesn’t work for most people.

However, these four women are making scientists think about immunotherapy in different ways.

So instead of looking at specific types of cancer that may respond, they are looking to develop a test to see which cancer — regardless of type — will respond to this type of treatment.

They know that immunotherapy fails most patients, even those with cancers that are most likely to respond. So they have set out to create a test to determine who might respond to immunotherapy and then treat those patients — regardless of their cancer type.

This is extremely exciting, because it means that many more people may be able to benefit from this treatment for cancer that doesn’t poison your whole body like chemotherapy does.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is try to prevent cancer from forming in the first place.

That means taking care of your immune system, specifically taking care of your gut health.

Your gut is directly related to how your immune system works and whether or not you have excessive inflammation in your body.

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And it starts piling up as glycogen, which can really mess up not just your gut, but your liver and metabolism too.

It can even cause diabetes.

But this one special supplement I found can stop this rapid gut deterioration…

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