This common treatment may be causing your chronic pain

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Men who take this feel up to 4x more pain than other men

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This common treatment may be causing you chronic pain

Rheumatoid arthritis, after-effects of car accidents, diabetic neuropathy… There are many reasons why people have to live with chronic pain.

And with opioid addiction being in the news over and over again, legislatures are cracking down on how doctors deal with pain.

I have opinions on this… But, regardless of my opinion, it’s what’s happening in the medical field right now.

So if you have pain that is chronic or difficult to deal with, then you might be forced to find new and different ways to handle it.

But what if two of the meds you take are not playing well together – and making your pain meds NOT WORK?

And what if your doctor didn’t know this was happening and couldn’t tell you about it?

Based on the research that’s coming out, that is probably EXACTLY what’s happening to people right now.

And if you are dealing with chronic pain, then it’s really bad news.

Important: I’m not telling you to go off of any treatments and this isn’t medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m a guy who reads hundreds of science articles a month. Consult with your doctor before changing anything in your medical routine.

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Antidepressants can make pain meds ineffective.

You may already know that I’m NOT a big fan of Big Pharma… And I’m REALLY not a big fan of antidepressants.

But… When you have chronic pain, depression is often part of the package…

And you are likely to be prescribed a pain med AND an antidepressant.

This might sound like a good idea… But there is a HUGE problem with this.

Some of these meds interact in a way that dramatically decreases the effectiveness of the pain meds.

“Common antidepressants interact with the opioid pain medication tramadol to make it less effective for pain relief, according to a study from University Hospitals (UH).”

They found these specific drug interactions with three types of antidepressants – Paxil, Wellbutrin, and Prozac.

“Researchers reviewed the medication records of 152 patients at UH Cleveland Medical Center and UH Geauga Medical Center who received scheduled tramadol (pain reliever) for at least 24 hours.”

“All participants in the study were admitted as inpatients or observation status. Those patients who also were taking the antidepressants Prozac (fluoxetine), Paxil (paroxetine) or Wellbutrin (bupropion) required three times more pain medication per day to control ‘breakthrough’ pain throughout the day, when compared with patients not taking those antidepressants.”

Tramadol + one of these antidepressants = four times more pain!

The results of this combination are stunningly bad.

The patients using both treatments experienced FOUR times more pain than people who were using the painkiller but NOT taking one of these antidepressants.

“As we looked at in secondary analysis, it ended up being four times [more pain]…over their entire hospital stay…”

The way these two types of meds work in the body, they cancel each other out.

And because these treatments are both very common, the chance of you being given both if you have chronic pain is pretty high.

“These drugs are super-common… They’re all in the top 200 prescription drugs. In addition, chronic pain and depression and anxiety go hand in hand. Many chronic pain patients are taking antidepressants, mainly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which many of these CYP2D6 inhibitors fit into. There are a lot of patients who experience both, unfortunately. The likelihood that somebody on one of these offending agents and tramadol is relatively high.”

The bottom line:

If you need to be on pain meds and they aren’t working like they should, make sure to ask your doctor about interactions…

And BRING this article with you so they know about the interaction.

Not all doctors know this stuff because they don’t have the time to put into the research.

So it’s important that YOU take charge of your own health and ask the questions.

Doctors are good people, but they don’t know everything.

And there are always options…

Push until you get something that works well for you.

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