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Some cheeses are good, while others increase harmful estrogen in men…

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This cheese helps erections… but these ones kill them

We think of estrogen as the female hormone, but it’s not. Estrogen is in both men and women.

But estrogen is very bad for men.

One of estrogen’s primary functions in men is causing inflammation.

And now recent studies show that estrogenic inflammation causes erectile dysfunction.

Estrogenic inflammation is also linked to gynecomastia (man boobs).

We need adequate levels of dietary calcium to maintain bone mass and keep estrogen in check.

And, good news: Vitamin K2 helps calcium protect male vitality and bone mass.

These researchers conducted their animal experiments at the Department of Internal Medicine and Biochemistry, Fujita Health University School of Medicine, Japan and published their results in the journal Metabolism.

When people don’t get enough calcium, their bones get weak.

That’s osteoporosis.

In the first part of this experiment, the researchers discovered that this also happens to rats.

“Inadequate calcium results in osteoporosis in elderly males, we conducted an animal experiment on aged male rats given a calcium-deficient diet.”

The researchers divided these lab rats into two groups. And They gave one group a diet without enough calcium.

Calcium deficiency weakens bones.

“The calcium-deficient diet reduced bone mineral density by approximately 12%.”

Estradiol is one of the most potent and destructive forms of estrogen created in the body.

Calcium deficiency led to an explosion of estrogen levels in the male rats.

“The mean estradiol level of rats fed the calcium-deficient diet was significantly increased to 4.3 times that in the regular diet group.”

The scientists discovered that low calcium was causing changes in the testicles of the animals.

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts the male hormone testosterone into estrogen.

Higher levels of aromatase – that leads to rapid inflammation and faltering masculinity.

Calcium deficiency increased aromatase – and that converts testosterone to estrogen in the testicles.

“Testicular aromatase was significantly increased by 2.4-fold in the calcium-deficient diet group compared to that in the regular diet group.”

Estrogen-producing aromatase increased alongside the levels of estrogen in the blood of the rats – indicating that this may be the main mechanism.

“Testicular aromatase activity was strongly correlated with aromatase level and serum estradiol level.”

In another part of the experiment, the scientists looked at the effect of vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin  – it’s in foods such as cheese.

Vitamin K2 reversed the effects of calcium deficiency on bone mass.

K2 protects animals against osteoporosis even in a calcium deficiency.

“Administration of vitamin K2 was able to reverse the reduction in bone mineral density induced by calcium deficiency.”

Vitamin K2 also reduced the high estrogen load caused by calcium deficiency.

“The increased estradiol concentration was reduced after the administration of Vitamin K2.”

In fact, calcium-deficient animals that were given K2 had even lower levels of some estrogens than animals fed adequate calcium.

“The estrone concentrations in blood of K2 treated rats fed the calcium deficient diet were lower than that of animals fed the regular diet.”

This study did not test the changes in testosterone levels of the animals.

As estrogen increased alongside the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen – it’s likely the animals had a massive drop in testosterone too.

Scientists have previously shown that vitamin K2 protects testosterone levels in men.

The form of vitamin K2 supplemented in this study is called menatetrenone, or Vitamin K2 MK4.

(It is available as a supplement.)

You can get K2 MK4 in high amounts in Nattō and some cheeses: Edam, Gouda, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Brie. (Yum…)

These cheeses are good choices because they provide both adequate calcium and a good amount of vitamin K2 MK4.

Cooked green leafy vegetables also provide a decent amount of calcium.

You can also get smaller amounts of vitamin K2 MK4 in butter, egg yolk, chicken liver, and salami.

You should see a healthcare professional about treating and diagnosing bone and endocrine disorders.

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A calcium-deficient diet caused decreased bone mineral density and secondary elevation of estrogen in aged male rats - effect of menatetrenone and elcatonin