This “celebrity diet” you hear about — causes inflammation

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No one talks about this terrible side effect from these popular diets…

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This “celebrity diet” you hear about — causes inflammation

Without endotoxin, animals live 60% longer lives.

What is endotoxin?

Endotoxin is a part of some bacteria — it leaks from the gut and enters into the rest of the body.

Endotoxin sends the immune system crazy and it dramatically shortens our lives.

Because of this, it seems to cause many different types of disease.

“Endotoxin causes systemic inflammation and a host of chronic inflammatory conditions which are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases.”

Those other diseases include cardiovascular disease and dementia.

Diet is one of the main factors determining how much endotoxin ends up in circulation where it causes disease in the body.

A recent study showed that a high-fat diet increases the amount of endotoxin we are exposed to. 

And it is a very strong argument for limiting the amount of fat you consume.

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The human research took place at the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. The journal Metabolism published the results.

Bacterial endotoxin is a major cause of disease. 

Previous animal and human studies have shown that high-fat meals and a high-fat diet can increase endotoxin exposure.

This study was designed to see whether endotoxin exposure was related to “leaky gut” (intestinal permeability) caused by a high-fat diet.

“The purpose of the present study was to determine if a short-term, high-fat diet increases intestinal permeability and, in turn, fasting endotoxin concentrations.”

The researchers recruited 13 healthy young men.

At the outset, the men were fed a relatively nondescript diet in terms of macronutrient ratios.

“Thirteen normal-weight young adult males were fed a control diet (55% carbohydrates, 30% fat, 15% protein) for two weeks.”

Then for the next five days, they ate a much higher-fat diet.

In Phase 2, the percentage of calories from fat went from 30% to 55%. 

But the total amount of calories that the men ate remained the same as before.

“The control diet was followed by five days of a high-fat diet with an equal amount of calories.”

The men were subjected to a number of tests before and after the five-day, high-fat diet experiment.

Those tests were carried out after a high-fat meal.

The tests assessed intestinal permeability to see if their gut was becoming more leaky.

Leaky gut is a well-known cause of increases in endotoxin in the body.

The researchers also directly tested the amount of endotoxin in the blood…

And this is the test that really matters.

Surprisingly, the high-fat diet did not seem to lead to increased leakiness in the gut.

“Intestinal permeability was not affected by the high-fat diet.”

But those results don’t mean much because the high-fat diet did lead to an increase in circulating endotoxin.

After consuming a high-fat diet for five days, fasting endotoxin levels in the blood doubled.

“Fasting endotoxin increased twofold following the high-fat diet.”

The high-fat diet causes an increase in endotoxin – even when it does not cause leaky gut.

“These findings demonstrate that in healthy young men, consuming an isocaloric high-fat diet for 5 days increases fasting endotoxin, independent of changes in gut permeability.”

The results of this study are some of the most important findings of dietary nutritional research. 

This is because of the massive detrimental effects of endotoxin and human health.

No doubt you have read that disease is often related to inflammation. 

Well, endotoxin is usually the cause of this inflammation.

When endotoxin gets into circulation, the immune system ramps up inflammatory proteins to deal with what it sees as an infection.

And when endotoxin is chronically elevated, you end up with a state of chronic inflammation

And there are very few diseases that are not caused by chronic inflammation.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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