This amino acid improves sleep and helps prevent Alzheimer’s

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You can get it in these food

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This amino acid improves sleep and helps prevent Alzheimer’s

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid.

It can be found in small amounts in some foods such as scallops.

Studies have shown that supplemental glycine can improve sleep and memory.

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This Japanese study was published in the Journal of Sleep and Biological Rhythms.

The study enrolled 19 participants in a randomized, double-blind, crossover trial.

Neither the participants nor the scientists knew whether the participants were getting the glycine or the inactive placebo.

All of the participants tried both glycine and the placebo at different times.

The participants all complained of sleep problems prior to the study.

In the glycine supplementation phase of the experiment, the participants took 3 gm of supplemental glycine before bed.

“Volunteers with complaints about the quality of their sleep ingested either glycine (3 gm) or placebo before bedtime.”

The next day, the participants were assessed with a couple of questionnaires designed to assess how well rested they felt.

The study found that glycine improved perceptions of fatigue.

People supplementing glycine also felt more lively and clear-headed.

“Glycine significantly improved the following elements: fatigue, liveliness and peppiness, and clear‐headedness.”

People feel more rested and alert the day after taking supplemental glycine.

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A follow-up investigation published in the same journal looked at the objective effects of glycine on sleep, fatigue, and memory.

This time the scientists conducted a sleep study, a field known as polysomnography. 

This involves looking at readings from many different devices attached to the patient when they are asleep or when they should be sleeping.

This study showed that the perception of improved sleep from glycine is backed up by readings from sleep studies.

People taking glycine got to sleep sooner.

Glycine also shortened the amount of time that it takes to get to slow-wave sleep.

Slow wave sleep is necessary for healing, learning, and survival.

Without enough slow-wave, sleep memory will be impaired, learning less possible, and eventually people will die.

Impaired slow-wave sleep is also associated with the accumulation of amyloid beta — which is thought to lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

“Glycine improved subjective sleep quality and sleep efficacy and shortened the time to sleep onset and to slow-wave sleep.”

This means that glycine reduces the amount of time spent lying in bed tossing and turning.

There are a number of sedative treatments that can do this.

But almost all of them have negative effects on the sleep cycle.

Sleeping tablets change what is called “sleep architecture.”

This means they do not promote restorative sleep. Quite the opposite.

Scientists found that glycine does not alter sleep architecture. 

It merely made natural, restorative sleep more efficient.

“Glycine improved subjective sleep quality and sleep efficacy without changes in the sleep architecture.”

When people slept better with glycine they were less tired the following day.

This is quite the opposite to what is experienced with sleeping tablets or sedatives.

“Glycine lessened daytime sleepiness.”

Sleep affects memory. 

Slow-wave sleep in particular has a huge effect on people’s memory.

The scientists tested the participants in a number of memory recognition tasks.

Supplementation with glycine led to improved memory performance from the participants.

“Glycine lessened daytime sleepiness and improved performance of memory recognition tasks.”

Glycine can improve sleep without producing the type of hangover effects often seen in sleeping tablets or other sedatives.

“Glycine seems to produce subjective and objective improvement of the sleep quality in a different way than traditional hypnotic ‘treatments.’”

Glycine is an amino acid — a “building block of protein.” 

It can be found in small amounts in many foods.

Gelatin is about one quarter glycine by weight.

It’s also in bone broth, chicken skin, seafood, legumes, dairy, spinach and several other vegetables.

Glycine seems to be one of the safer supplements that someone could take.  I take hydrosolated collagen from Great Lakes, very easy to dissolve in coffee or milk and high in glycine and safe.

It is always best to be cautious and take supplements under medical supervision.

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Subjective effects of glycine ingestion before bedtime on sleep quality

Glycine ingestion improves subjective sleep quality in human volunteers, correlating with polysomnographic changes