This 2 finger method revives your rod in 7 seconds

Ivy League researchers say stimulating this 1 organ in 7 seconds resurrects rockiness

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2 finger method revives rod in 7 seconds

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Ivy league scientists have discovered an unusual penile organ…

A penile organ nobody even knew existed until a few months ago…

And now researchers believe that stimulating this 1 organ can resurrect your rod in less than a minute.

All you need is 2 fingers and 7 seconds.

And this is so discrete, you can even do it in public and nobody will notice.

However… they probably WILL notice the bulge in your pants afterwards…

So use this at your own discretion!

One controversial doc has revealed this technique to the world in this short tutorial video… 


This 1 hormone leads to a complete sex drive rejuvenation

You know what they say about different hormones impacting male sexual function?

Well, some of it is true…

Some of it not so much.

There are numerous reports of decreased libido and sexual problems in men taking aromatase inhibitors.

These are supplements or (usually) treatments which suppress the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

These treatments are often used by men who are taking high levels of testosterone are anabolic steroids.

And so it has been inferred that estrogen is essential for male sexual function. 

But other research indicates that estrogen may not really be so important…

And I’ve reported on numerous studies that show that high levels of estrogen inhibit male sexual function and performance.

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The human research was carried out at Concord Hospital in Sydney, Australia. This paper was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The authors of this study were interested in the effects of blocking the aromatase enzyme on male sexual function.

This is usually achieved using aromatase-inhibiting treatments.

But these researchers took a different tactic.

They decided to supplement men with the male hormone DHT for a couple of years.

DHT suppresses the production of testosterone and the conversion of testosterone to estrogen by aromatase.

It lowers estrogen.

“This study aims to investigate the effects of selective estrogen deficiency induced by a nonaromatizable androgen, (DHT), on sexual function of healthy middle-aged and older men.”

The study involved over 100 men over the age of 50, average age 60.

The men were given high levels of DHT for 2 years in order to suppress testosterone and estrogen.

“We recruited men without known prostate disease maintaining selective estrogen deficiency for 24 months.”

The men completed questionnaires examining sexuality and overall mood at numerous time points before, during, and after the DHT experiment.

“The end points were responses to a psychosexual and mood questionnaire completed before, at 3 months, then at 6 monthly intervals during and 3 months after study.”

DHT was effective at doing what it was designed to do hormonally – suppressing testosterone and estrogen (estradiol).

“DHT treatment increased serum DHT with complete suppression of serum T, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and estradiol throughout the 24-month study.

Nobody pulled out of the study because of effects on sexual drive or sexual function.

“There were no spontaneous complaints, or discontinuations for, adverse effects on sexual function during the study.”

In fact, the researchers found almost no effect on sexual function and mood at all.

There was only a small decrease in overall libido.

“DHT administration had no effects on any of 33 measures of sexual function and mood, apart from a mild, but significant decrease in overall sexual desire, which was reversible after cessation of treatment.”

The research indicates that estrogen alone plays a very small, if any, positive role in male sexual drive.

“We conclude that aromatization plays only a minimal role in maintenance of sexual function in healthy eugonadal middle-aged or older men.”

They found that age and obesity were far more predictive of decreases in sexual function.

“Age and obesity are significantly associated with decreases in most aspects of self-reported sexual function and satisfaction.”

Previous studies show that supplementing DHT in men in their 70s led to a complete rejuvenation of sex drive.

I reported on this study before.

It’s quite an old study, and there are some funny and insightful sections in the paper describing how these guys started chatting up the nurses in the hospital and care homes.

The authors suggest that aromatisation and estrogen may only play a significant role in male sexual function in the absence of adequate amounts of DHT.

“The dependence of male sexual function on aromatization may be conditional on age and obesity and can be overcome by a nonaromatizable androgen.”

Either way, aromatisation and estrogen are very bad for your overall health…

And so it seems much wiser to naturally increase your levels of DHT rather than increase estrogen for sexual health.

—-Important Message About Increasing DHT and Lowering Estrogen—-

Drinking this Tee Soup lowers estrogen in men

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Many men don’t have a problem producing testosterone.

Not even in men in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

The real problem is a process called aromatization that speeds up as a man ages…

With aromatization, testosterone is being created but getting turned into estrogen.

And that’s the problem — too much testosterone is getting turned into estrogen.

So T levels go down and estrogen levels go up!

But when you drink this 2-minute Tee soup I’ve discovered, you slow down aromatase…

So testosterone STAYS testosterone — and your T levels shoot upwards while estrogen falls back down.

Here’s my free Tee Soup


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Male sexual function can be maintained without aromatization: randomized placebo-controlled trial of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in healthy, older men for 24 months