They’ve Sent Their Goons After Me for What I’ve Discovered

They’ve Sent Their Goons After Me for What I’ve Discovered

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Here’s What These Billion Dollar Companies Have Been Trying to Hide

Would you like antibiotics with that?

Unfortunately, you may have to ask this question every time you drink a cup of well water in the United States.

(This is probably happening in other countries too, but I haven’t seen studies on that yet.)

With the crazy number of drugs that are prescribed to patients and taken as over-the-counter remedies…

…it’s no surprise that between what we pee out and what we throw away, these drugs are ending up in our water supply.

But how much of this crap is out there – and does it impact your health?

Small amounts of pharmaceuticals found in north central Pa. rural well water

Pharmaceuticals are leaching into our water supply

The graph below shows you exactly what’s happening.

We’re taking these drugs – everything from Tylenol to antipsychotics – and we are either throwing them away or peeing and pooping them into the water system.

Either way, these drugs end up in our septic tanks and municipal water supplies…

And then they leach into our groundwater – and they DO NOT degrade through our current systems (that’s bad).

Big Pharma chemicals are Leaching Into Our Groundwater

It seems that nobody is immune from this contamination…

In this study, every single well was contaminated with at least one pharmaceutical compound.

Seriously, not a single well was completely clean of contamination from Big Pharma drugs.

“At least one compound was detected at all sites. Ofloxacin and sulfamethoxazole – antibiotics prescribed for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections – were the most frequently detected compounds.” 

I don’t know about you, but that does not make me feel confident about my water supply.

And that is mostly because of the worst contaminant: antibiotics (even though there is other bad stuff happening as well…).

This seems really dangerous to me…

Even if these drugs aren’t interacting in my body right now, they are contributing to our antibiotic resistance problem throughout the population.

Yeah, we’re talking about the “superbugs” that are getting harder and harder to kill…

And in this study, all the wells tested had at least one bad compound…

Up to six different pharmaceuticals were detected in some of the groundwater supplies tested.

“As many as six of the analyzed pharmaceuticals were detected in some groundwater samples.”

This combining of pharmaceuticals poses the biggest risk.

Even though the concentrations of these Big Pharma drugs in the water are really low…

…having so many different types of compounds in the water supply could have compounding effects in the body that we don’t really understand yet.

“There remains a major concern that even at low concentrations, pharmaceuticals could interact together and influence the biochemical functioning of the human body, so even at very low concentrations they might have some kind of synergistic effect…”

What we do know for sure is that when people take too many prescribed or over-the-counter drugs at the same time, it can have severe negative health effects, including early death.

“…range of concentrations and potential health risks are not yet well understood, especially for these private groundwater supplies.”

Unfortunately, this is a growing problem that doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon.

There is more and more evidence that a huge portion of our drinking water has been contaminated by these drugs.

“It is now widely known that over-the-counter and prescription medications are routinely present at detectable levels in surface and groundwater bodies…”

In the United States, at least half of the population gets their water from groundwater aquifers.

“It is estimated that half of the population accesses potable water from groundwater aquifers.”

But the groundwater is not the only problem because they’ve also found significant concentrations of pharmaceuticals in bay water and other water supplies.

Clean water is one of the most important requirements for living a long and healthy life.

If you don’t have clean and safe water, your chances of living the longest life you can go down significantly.

It’s a good idea to research and install a quality water filtration system at point of use in your house.

That way you can get rid of anything that can’t be caught by the municipal or well water system you have.

I’m not thrilled that Big Pharma chemicals are in my water supply.

But I take responsibility for the water I drink and I make sure it’s filtered correctly.

You probably should too… It’s not difficult.

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