These simple supplements can clear up a man’s skin fast

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Naturally gets rid of blemishes, even treats adult acne

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These simple supplements can clear up a man’s skin fast

Growing up, acne is something most of us experience to one degree or another.

Most people think that it’s something we grow out of…

…and that it somehow disappears after puberty. 

In many ways, that can be true. 

It often does vanish in adulthood.

But as many have come to realize, it can stick around.

Sometimes even for the rest of your life. 

“Acne is usually recognized as a disorder of adolescence. However, the referral of patients over the age of 25 years with acne has significantly increased over the past 10 years.” – Goulden et al. (1997)

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Conventional treatments

Like hair loss, if you’re referred to a dermatologist by your GP, then you’re most likely going to hear about how acne is caused by ‘genetics,’ ‘androgens,’ or just bad hygiene.

Or maybe even candy consumption.

The prescribed treatment typically involves a very expensive facial soap.

Other common treatments have a wide range of therapeutic mechanisms, like benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, accutane, etc. 

Much of it is basically a shot in the dark. 

And on top of being largely ineffective, the treatments can also have side effects.

Acne is a sign of systemic health problems

Acne, like the vast majority of health problems, is not an isolated or merely “topical phenomena.”

Research shows that patients with persistent acne in adulthood have a tendency for elevated cortisol, prolactin, estrogen, and DHEAs.

This is also the characteristic hormonal profile of men with male pattern baldness and women with PCOS.

Clearly, acne is not a trivial condition and should be taken seriously.

In conclusion, refractory acne can be the first sign of systemic illness (…) – Ianoşi et al. (2016)

Many people experience complete absence of symptoms during summer.

They also experience no symptoms by avoiding intestinal irritants like gluten or commercial additives.

Sometimes, certain very nutritious foods like liver and oysters make acne go away for awhile.

What can be done about adult acne?

A potential step may be to address nutritional and vitamin deficiencies.

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A study compared 100 patients with acne vulgaris to 100 healthy controls.

They found a correlation between serum zinc levels and the severity of acne.

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This is not an isolated finding.

Another study similarly found a negative correlation between zinc and acne severity.

Moreover, they also found the same negative correlation with vitamin E levels.

Thus there was a negative correlation between acne severity and vitamin E and zinc levels. – Ozuguz et al. (2014)

This should not be interpreted as a diet-related problem.

Two different people can eat the very same foods…

…and one can have acne while the other may not.

What it does indicate is that acne sufferers may have elevated requirements for zinc, vitamin E, and possibly a lot more nutrients.

So focusing on these nutrients may provide therapeutic benefits.

Oysters are nature’s best source of zinc by far, so it may be a good move to include them more regularly.

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