These common light bulbs damage your eyes

These types of bulbs can cause vision loss


Matt Cook here, and there’s a new type of lightbulb that is becoming very popular here in the U.S…

Only I’ve found evidence that it’s damaging men’s eyes.

So be careful which bulbs you’re buying and using at home.


Here’s what to look out for…

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These common light bulbs damage your eyes

In the last few decades, the European Union has been aggressively seeking more energy efficiency.

They have placed lighting near the top of their list of priorities – and the US is following suit.

In itself, increasing energy efficiency is a good thing.

But sometimes it can have health costs – and it’s important that these are not overlooked.

Modern light sources like LEDs emit a different range of colors compared to older “incandescent” bulbs.

These color spectrums are completely new to the human eye.

And there’s a lot of research showing that overexposure to blue light from these new bulbs can cause eye damage…

Even at recommended exposure levels.

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These animal experiments were carried out at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France. The paper was published in Neuroscience.

Since light bulbs have been invented there has been little change in their basic design.

For many decades this design involved passing an electric current through a simple metal filament.

This filament created a natural glow – and the light spectrum was similar to candlelight or the light from a fire.

The human eye has been exposed to this type of light forever.

These light sources produced a lot of red and orange light – but not so much in the blue color spectrum.

“White” light is a mix of colors.

However, it’s much more energy efficient to use blue light.

You can use less energy to illuminate something using a blue LED versus using a red LED.

Modern LED bulbs use diodes with a number of different colored diodes implanted into the bulb.

Because it’s more efficient to use more blue light, more blue light diodes are used in modern energy efficient bulbs.

“Directives from the Eco-design of Energy Using Products have recommended the replacement of incandescent lamps by LED bulbs.”

Consequently people are being exposed to more and more blue light.

“The emission spectrum of these devices is enriched with blue radiation, known to be potentially dangerous to the retina.”

Blue light suppresses energy metabolism – whereas red light can increase energy produced in the cell.

Because of this fact, blue light can be harmful.

We know that exposure to a lot of blue light can cause damage to the eye – it causes age-related macular degeneration.

“Recent studies showed that blue light exposure contributes to the onset of early stages of age-related macular degeneration.”

The question is whether the amount of blue light produced by these bulbs is enough to do harm.

The people who promote these lights have studies which show that these lights don’t do much harm to the eye at all.

The problem is that these are very short-term studies and do not replicate what happens in the real world when people are exposed to these lights many hours a day for years.

So these French researchers designed a long-term study which looked at the effect of bluelight and the eye under more natural conditions.

In the experiment, different types of rats were put in cages with different color LED lights.

The amount of light exposure was determined by those which could be expected in a normal household using these energy efficient LEDs.

The researchers then looked at the effect of these lights on the eyes of the animals after one week and again after one month.

The research showed that normal levels of exposure to LEDs can cause damage to the eye.

“The blue component of the white – LED may cause retinal toxicity occupational domestic illuminance and not only in extreme experimental conditions, as previously reported.”

The problem with the safety reports around these lights is that they only look at very short-term exposure…

…and that’s not how these bulbs are used in the real world.

“Current regulations and standards have been established on the basis of acute light exposure and do not take into account the effects of repeated exposure.”

These lights may be fine for lighting outdoor areas, or hallways which people pass through occasionally.

But it’s probably not safe to be sitting close to these lights for multiple hours per day.

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Light-induced retinal damage using different light sources, protocols and rat strains reveals LED phototoxicity