These 2 nutrients can prevent coronary heart disease in men

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These 2 nutrients can prevent coronary heart disease in men

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients in the body.

Most people know that calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth.

But calcium is also required for many other purposes.

These include blood clotting, nerve health, muscle function, hormones, and keeping a regular heartbeat.

A recent study of people with coronary heart disease showed that higher calcium was associated with a much lower risk of death.

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This human research was carried out by Chinese and American universities. The results were published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Calcium and phosphorus are two common minerals found in the diet.

These minerals have opposing effects in the body.

Previous studies have shown a relationship between calcium, phosphorus and cardiovascular disease.

“Serum calcium and phosphorus abnormalities are associated with cardiovascular disorders in the general population.”

This research was set up to find out the relationship between these minerals and coronary heart disease outcomes.

“Evidence among patients with established coronary heart disease is limited and controversial.”

What do the baseline levels of calcium and phosphorus tell us about coronary heart disease risk?

“This study investigated baseline serum calcium and phosphorus levels with long-term mortality risk among patients with coronary heart disease.”

The study enrolled thousands of men and women with diagnosed coronary heart disease.

“We conducted a prospective cohort study among 3187 patients with coronary heart disease from October 2008 and December 2011 in China.”

They tracked these patients for around 5 years on average. They used statistical methods to calculate risk of death.

“Common statistical tools were used to assess the associations of serum calcium and phosphorus at baseline with the risk of death.”

People with the highest blood calcium levels were at the lowest risk of death.

“Patients in the highest compared to the lowest quartile of serum calcium were at lower risk of all-cause mortality.”

The risk of death was 43% lower in the high calcium people.

Death from cardiovascular disease was 50% lower in high calcium people.

“Patients in the highest quartile are at risk of cardiovascular disease. Hazard ratio 0.5.”

The researchers looked further into the data. Participants were broken down by sex, age, weight, disease category, and diabetes status.

Higher calcium was associated with better outcomes in every group.

“This lower risk did not change when participants were stratified by sex, age groups, level of overweight, types of CHD, and history of diabetes.”

As expected, the associations with phosphorus and death were the opposite.

Higher levels of phosphorus at baseline were associated with a greater risk of death.

“We also observed a graded positive association between baseline serum phosphorus and the risks of mortality.”

This is the first time that low calcium has been shown to be a risk factor for people with coronary heart disease.

“This study is the first to report that lower serum calcium at baseline is associated with an increased risk of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.”

The calcium to phosphorus ratio is important for health and longevity. More calcium and less phosphorus is the way to go.

Increasingly people are eating higher phosphorus and lower calcium diets.

Meat and grains are common foods that are very high in phosphorus. Dairy, and to a lesser extent green vegetables, are good sources of calcium.

Some researchers believe that dairy is associated with less body fat and better health because of its good calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Phosphorus is often added to processed foods. This may be a significant cause of health problems.

High phosphorus can cause inflammation, calcification of the blood vessels, cancer, and accelerated ageing.

The fat-soluble vitamins are very important for regulating these two minerals.

In particular, vitamin K2 is essential for calcium metabolism.

Good amounts of calcium and vitamin K2 are found in cheeses like parmigiano reggiano, edam, and gouda.

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Associations between serum calcium, phosphorus and mortality among patients with coronary heart disease

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