There’s too much of this in our water and it’s poisoning us

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It’s an invisible toxin that gets past most water filters…

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There’s too much of this in our water and it’s poisoning us

Safe and clean public water supplies are a miracle of the modern era.

The fact that most people in developed countries have reliably clean water that’s free from diseases like cholera is almost a miracle.

But, just because clean water is nearly a miracle doesn’t mean that everything that Big Government does to our water is safe or good.

Much of the water in North America is treated with fluoride — because it is supposed to reduce tooth decay.

But the long term effects of fluoride in our water are not always easy to understand and some of them are just coming to light.

Before you continue to drink fluoridated water, you probably should know what it might be doing to your body.

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How much water in North America is fluoridated?

The idea of fluoridating water seems to be fairly unique to the U.S. and Canada.

The U.S. has the highest adoption rate with three quarters of the people who are on public water systems receiving fluoridated water.

The number of communities and people who benefit from water fluoridation is continuing to grow. This effective public health intervention was initiated in the United States in 1945. In 2014, 74.4% of the U.S. population on public water systems, or a total of 211,393,167 people, had access to fluoridated water.

Interestingly, if you have well water in the U.S., you aren’t likely to have fluoridated water.

This practice of fluoridating water is also somewhat common in Canada with 38.7% of the population having fluoridated water…

Although some municipalities in Canada are discontinuing the practice.

In spite of its robust policy and scientific endorsement, a number of municipalities have discontinued CWF since 2012 (see Table 4), which has an impact on the percentage of the population which currently has access to fluoridated water (even though the total for the country has increased, Table 5 shows a decline in the majority of the Provinces and Territories). The rationale for the decision to discontinue CWF varies by jurisdiction and may be influenced by different factors, including community concern over putative health effectsFootnote9 and technical/financial aspects thought to be related to the delivery of fluoride.

In Europe, very few people have fluoridated water and it’s almost unheard of in the rest of the world.

Why water is fluoridated.

Water is typically fluoridated as a public health issue. It has been shown to reduce tooth decay.

At the population level, water fluoridation is associated with approximately a 25% to 30% reduction in tooth decay in children and adults

But I’m not anything close to convinced that this reduction (which I think can be achieved in other ways) justifies the risk that fluoride poses to the body in the kind of quantity that is in our water supplies.

Flouride in the water is linked to lower IQ scores.

A recent study in Canada showed that fluoride poses a particularly insidious risk to pregnant women.

A 1-mg higher daily intake of fluoride among pregnant women was associated with a 3.66 lower IQ score (95% CI, -7.16 to -0.14) in boys and girls.

Women who had the highest exposure to fluoride in the water when pregnant had measurably lower IQ scores for their children.

Flouride in the water is linked to kidney and liver problems.

There have also been associations with kidney and liver problems for teenagers exposed to high levels of fluoride.

Fluoride exposure may contribute to complex changes in kidney and liver related parameters among U.S. adolescents. As the study is cross-sectional, reverse causality cannot be ruled out; therefore, altered kidney and/or liver function may impact bodily fluoride absorption and metabolic processes.

Since fluoride is in SO MUCH of our municipal water supplies in the U.S. and Canada, these correlations are important to know about!

That’s especially true since we have NO CHOICE about our water supply most of the time.

Getting fluoride out of your water.

Personally, I believe fluoride is a major and unspoken health threat.

Which is why I’ve taken steps to limit my own fluoride intake.

I use the Berkey Black water filters to get the fluoride out of my home water system and I brush my teeth with baking soda instead of toothpaste with fluoride.

Do your own research, but make sure you take a close look at fluoride because ingesting it may not be as healthy as many people think.

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