The weird protective effect of lithium

But is it safe?


Matt Cook here, and most people only know lithium as a treatment for bipolar disorder.

But lithium is also a beneficial supplement if used correctly and in the right doses…

And it gives men spectacular benefits not just with health, but with erections too.

Here’s how to use it…

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The weird protective effect of lithium

If you have blood sugar problems, then you might be worried about your kidney function – especially as you age.

That’s because age often brings with it problems such as diabetes — and diabetes can ruin kidney health.

But even if you don’t have diabetes or other diseases that cause problems with the kidneys…

Keeping your kidneys healthy as you age should be a priority for you.

You can lose up to 50% of your kidney function as you get older – even in the absence of kidney disease.

Kidney function tends to decline as people age, by as much as 50%, even in the absence of any identifiable kidney disease

These are organs that we need to live.

Kidneys are vital to human health.

They filter blood, and without properly functioning kidneys, we die.

Even if our kidneys are functioning at 50% capacity, it can greatly diminish the quality of life that we experience.

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There’s research from the University of Toledo that is extremely interesting in regards to keeping your kidneys healthy.

What they found was that low-dose lithium can help stop a decline in age related kidney function.

Best known therapeutically as a treatment for bipolar disorder, lithium has long intrigued researchers with its potential age-defying properties. New research has found low-dose lithium can block an enzyme that is associated with cellular aging in the kidney and a decline in kidney function.

Lithium is often used for mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder.

While lithium is a highly effective mood stabilizer and first-line treatment for bipolar disorder, scientists still don’t know exactly how it works in the brain.

The doses required for treating psychiatric illness are fairly high, and they are often associated with toxicity.

Though inexpensive and widely available, Gong said lithium has developed a bit of a bad reputation because of its potential toxicity — including to the kidneys — in high doses.

But that toxicity happens when people take kidney treatments in higher doses than in what the researchers saw could protect kidney function.

To protect your organs, this study says you only need a very low dose.

“One of the pitfalls of lithium as a psychiatric ‘treatment’ is that the therapeutic window is very narrow. Because of the blood-brain barrier, the effective psychiatric dose for lithium is very close to the toxic dose,” Gong said. “But you only need a really small dose to produce the anti-aging effect in other organs.”

And overall research is starting to point to the idea that low dose lithium may have an overall anti-aging effect.

“Lithium’s effect on aging has been a hot topic, with several intriguing observations coming out in recent years,” said Dr. Rujun Gong, UToledo professor of medicine.

I’m not saying to go out and just take lithium without consulting with your doctor.

It’s widely available, but if you get the dose wrong it can do a lot of damage.

What I am saying is that these new anti-aging lines of research using common substances like lithium are showing promise.

And information like this might help us live longer and healthier lives.

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