The truth about 5G and electromagnetic frequencies on health

Overworked man with headache in office

This is what they’re not reporting…

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The truth about 5G and electromagnetic frequencies on health

Recently I’ve been experiencing recurring headaches….

After a little detective work, it became clear that my cell phone and bluetooth headphones were contributing to these headaches.

Intuitively, we all know that electronic devices can affect our bodies.

There is a great effort to convince people otherwise, but it makes a lot of sense.

Even as far back as the late 1990s and early 2000s, there was growing concern regarding the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted by cellphones and their potential impact on health.

Research slowed in the intervening years, possibly due to the influence of industry and the unpopular nature of research which could hamper the development of wireless technologies.

In the last five years, with the development of 5G, research and overall awareness of the impact of EMF on health have come back to the forefront.

Several books have been published on the topic, including the Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nic Pineault. There are many others.

Mainstream media doesn’t really report on this topic, probably because they get much of their advertising revenue from businesses which sell or depend on wireless technologies.

But it doesn’t matter.

There is more than enough information and research to identify clear and indisputable links between EMFs from various sources (mostly wireless technologies) and health.

Going back to headaches, the link to EMFs and mobile phones appears to be obvious:

“We found an association between mobile phone use and especially headache, concentration difficulties, fatigue, sleep disturbances and warming of the ear showing also dose-response. We have found limited associations between vicinity to base stations and some general symptoms; however, we did not find any association with school EMF levels. Decreasing the numbers of calls and messages, decreasing the duration of calls, using earphones, keeping the phone away from the head and body and similar precautions might decrease the frequencies or prevalence of the symptoms.’’ – Dusoroy et al. (2017)

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“Out of 114 individuals who participated, 82 (71.9%) were female and 32 (28.1%) cases were male. The number and severity of migraine headaches were correlated significantly with an increased use of mobile phones during the day and Wi-Fi per week (p<0.05). The usage of fixed-line telephones had no significant relationship with the study variables (p>0.05).’’ – Mohammadianinejad et al. (2016).‘’

Becoming aware of the influence of cellphone, bluetooth devices, WiFi and the 5G networks on our health can be frightening.

There are resources to learn about this wider topic, and Nic Pineault’s book is a great start.

Cellphones (especially smartphones) and bluetooth devices which come in close contact with the head should be used with extreme caution.

Headaches and migraines are a nuisance, but they are also not merely superficial.

These devices can affect the brain and there is insufficient data to know the extent of the damage they could cause.

In my experience, using speakerphones, buying a low EMF (SAR) cellphone, not using bluetooth headphones…

All these steps have been useful and have significantly reduced the incidence of headaches.

Generally, I feel much better with each lifestyle change I make to lower my EMF exposure.

It doesn’t have to be big changes, but rather cumulative improvements and reductions in the use of wireless devices.

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