The supervitamin that may stop cataracts cold

And that’s not all this supervitamin does…

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Matt Cook here, and I often take for granted how good my vision is.

But when I see my wife suffering with glaucoma and other vision problems, it reminds me of how precious our eyesight is…

And how we should do whatever we can to protect it, especially as we age.

That’s why I’m a big fan of this super vitamin that can naturally prevent glaucoma, cataracts, and even restore retinal function.

So check your bottles or add these foods to your grocery list — because this is one vitamin you need in your arsenal…

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The supervitamin that may stop cataracts cold

Over 2 million Americans suffer from glaucoma.

The condition causes loss of vision and eventually blindness.

Officially, the cause of glaucoma is unknown.

It’s associated with increased pressure inside the eye – but many people without increased pressure develop glaucoma.

I believe glaucoma and many other common diseases are caused by degeneration of the body structure due to lack of energy.

A recent study looking at the effects of niacinamide on glaucoma parameters supports this view.

Niacinamide is a type of vitamin B3 which helps cells to produce and use energy more efficiently.

Researchers found clear evidence of improvement in glaucoma with niacinamide supplementation in just a few months.

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The human, randomized clinical trials carried out at Australia Universities and eye hospitals. The findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Experimental Ophthalmology.

Energy is generated through complex chemical pathways in the mitochondria.

The health of every structure in the body depends on the supply of energy for its upkeep.

Energy production depends on many different things.

One thing energy production depends on is the ratio between chemicals called NAD and NAD+.

The quick and efficient recycling of these chemicals helps keep energy flowing and keeps the body healthy.

There are a number of clues that people who suffer with glaucoma have problems producing energy.

Firstly, the cells inside the eye show many signs of metabolic stress – meaning they cannot produce energy efficiently.

“Retinal ganglion cells in the eye and your significant metabolic stress in glaucoma.”

It has also been shown that people with glaucoma have low levels of niacinamide in the blood.

Niacinamide is a vitamin, a form of vitamin B3.

Niacinamide helps to normalize the levels of NAD and NAD+ – thereby maintaining healthy energy production.

“Niacinamide, a precursor of NAD+, is low in the blood serum of glaucoma patients.”

The logical question is whether the deficiency of niacinamide could be leading to low-energy – causing glaucoma.

Earlier experiments support this idea.

“Niacinamide supplementation provides robust protection of retinal ganglion cells in the eye in preclinical models. However, the potential of niacinamide in human glaucoma is unknown.”

This study was designed to test the effect of niacinamide on glaucoma in humans.

The researchers recruited 57 people who had been diagnosed with glaucoma.

All the participants were receiving standard therapy for the disease.

The participants went through two to six week trial periods.

Some were given high or low dose niacinamide, others received inactive placebo capsules.

The eye doctors carried out multiple examinations of the eyes of all the patient’s, looking for any changes in inner retinal function.

These changes are the critical marker in glaucoma.

The researchers found remarkable improvement in retinal function in this relatively short study.

It was enough to support the theory that glaucoma could be caused by energy imbalances in the body, and in the eye specifically.

Niacinamide supplementation can improve inner retinal function in glaucoma. Further studies are underway to explain the effects of long-term nicotinamide supplementation.”

The test improvements ranged from 14% to 27% – which may not seem like a lot…

But this was a very short trial for a disease like glaucoma.

These changes could lead to massive improvements over months and years.

The researchers used rather large doses of niacinamide. Up to 3g per day.

Niacinamide can lower blood sugar levels.

In fact, many people use niacinamide for this purpose.

I should warn you that large doses of niacinamide, like those used in this study, can significantly lower blood sugar.

Some people need to be careful and increase doses slowly.

Make sure to eat enough food with niacinamide to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Hopefully, further research will explain the optimal dose for niacinamide and help people with their glaucoma.

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