Can this explain a prostate problem? And can it be fixed?

Fixing men’s prostates are as profitable or more profitable than fixing women’s breasts.

Doctors and big Pharma make a lot of money prescribing drugs, and doing surgeries, and doing all sorts of diagnostic tests.

In some other newsletter, I’ll tell you why I don’t bother getting a PSA test.

But in this one, I want to show you the true cause of prostate inflammation, and how it’s been known for a long time.

They always need a story. And the story of prostate inflammation that they came up with was one based on testosterone.

Supposedly, testosterone can cause prostate inflammation.

The disease is called benign prostate hyperplasia, or BPH. And testosterone is supposed to cause BPH, and contribute to prostate cancer.

I can’t tell you how many men have emailed me asking about testosterone, and saying that their doctors won’t let them get testosterone supplements because they have some prostate problem.

There is no evidence the high testosterone causes prostate problems

In fact, the evidence is the opposite.

And it doesn’t make sense, and never did, that testosterone causes prostate problems.

Here’s why.

As men get older, commonly their testosterone level falls.

We have found that this is not necessarily true, and healthy men can have high testosterone rates for their entire life.

But it is true for most men, that as they age, their health declines and their testosterone levels fall.

And who is it that gets prostate problems?

Older guys, the same guys that have lower testosterone!

Does that even make sense?

But by linking testosterone to prostate problems, big Pharma discovered a lucrative source of revenue.

They can prescribe all kinds of blockers to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT, blaming the whole thing on testosterone in DHT.

DHT is actually the hormone that is really responsible for erections, not testosterone. So when men are told to take drugs that block DHT production, what is the result?


And oh, by the way, big Pharma has another pill for that!

You see how this crazy merry-go-round goes round and round, involving ever more pills, side effects, and as you go deeper into the medical rathole?

So this study actually shows the truth.

They really carefully analyze the hormone levels in men with prostate problems, and they found that the true reason men have prostate problems is related to

Too much estrogen

Too much estrogen and too little testosterone create prostate problems.

Prostate inflammation, maybe prostate cancer, what they have in common is high estrogen levels, and low testosterone.

If you lower your estrogen levels and raise your testosterone levels, you’re far less likely to have BPH.

And we found that the best way of blocking estrogen is progesterone.

The natural way.

Higher progesterone levels block estrogen levels in the male body, and the result is that the prostate shrinks, and whatever testosterone is there, can now do its job.

There never was a reason to take all those pills, and get ED, and have lifelong side effects from these terrible prostate medications, when a simple bioidentical hormone can do the job.

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