The problems with continuing TRT for men

What all men need to know


Matt Cook here, and if you want to boost testosterone you can do it one of two ways…

You can go to the doctor and ask for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)…

Or you can do it the natural way.

So I’m breaking down exactly how both methods work, so you can make the best choice for raising T…

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This Native American secret keeps 81 y.o. man going for hours

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You may already know that Native American elders were the most respected members of their tribe…

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The tribe elders would often make a special brew containing tree bark from the mountain

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However, the Puritans came in the 1500s and destroyed this Native American recipe to make the brew from the bark.

In fact, Puritans BANNED this bark because of how sexually tempting it was to their Puritan men.

So this secret was lost for hundreds of years…until now…

Here’s how you can try this special brew before it’s gone


The problems with continuing TRT for men

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones.

And average levels of testosterone have dropped off a cliff in the last few decades.

Testosterone is involved in the health of every part of the body – particularly the brain, reproductive organs and cardiovascular system.

Testosterone is also essential for drive and motivation.

Numerous studies have shown that testosterone helps men to maintain that dominant but calm state associated with leadership.

But what do men report when doing testosterone replacement therapy?

And what are the main reasons why men start this treatment in the first place?

Let’s take a look…

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The research was carried out at the University of Nevada. The findings were published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

There has been a lot of buzz about testosterone in the last few decades.

In the ‘80s, it was only CEOs and sports stars who were optimizing their testosterone levels.

But since then, Rx orders for testosterone have exploded.

“‘Rx’ testosterone sales in the United States have skyrocketed in the last two decades due to an aging population among other factors.”

This research sought to find out the main reasons why more men were taking testosterone…

And what they experienced after going on testosterone replacement therapy.

The researchers recruited participants to take part in an online study.

The study consisted of a detailed questionnaire looking at the reasons why men went on testosterone replacement therapy and what experiences they had with the treatment.

“The present exploratory study involved an online self-report survey of U.S. testosterone patients who were at least 21 years of age.”

Low testosterone, general ill health, low energy, low sex drive, and low social energy were the main reasons why men decided to start taking testosterone.

“The most frequent reasons men gave for taking ‘Rx’ testosterone were low testosterone (37.1%), well-being (35.2%), energy (28.7%), libido (21.9%), and social energy (19.4%).”

The researchers found that the older a man was, the more likely he was to start taking testosterone because of low libido.

The researchers found that a majority of men found that taking testosterone improved their energy levels.

“Most frequently men claim testosterone improves their energy.”

More than 40% of men reported that their sex drive increased when they started on TRT.

“42% of men claimed testosterone improves their libido.”

What’s interesting about that is that twice as many men (42%) reported increased libido from testosterone as men who started taking testosterone because of low libido (21%).

Is the slow loss of sex drive something which many men are not aware of?

Or had these men simply given up on sex and considered low-libido just a fact of aging?

The fact that only 42% noticed an increase in libido also shows that testosterone is not the only factor.

High estrogen and high prolactin are other issues which many men also need to solve to improve libido.

Over ¼ of men reported that they noticed an increase in muscle mass simply by taking testosterone replacement therapy.

“28% of men claimed testosterone improved their muscle mass.”

The study did not separate these men according to testosterone levels, or how well they controlled other related hormones like estrogen.

High estrogen can offset many of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

When estrogen is properly controlled, the figures showing improved health from taking TRT will be significantly higher.

Nevertheless, the research shows massive benefits of optimizing testosterone levels.

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How Joe Rogan is staying fit and muscular at 54 years old

Joe Rogan has been open about using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for many years.

He claims this extra testosterone is helping him build stronger muscles despite his age.

And you can see the effect that it’s been having on his physique — these photos are 2 decades apart, believe it or not…

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But here’s the thing…

TRT is very expensive, which is why a lot of celebrities do it (they can afford it)…

And TRT can also come with some serious risks — like prostate cancer, heart issues, and erections problems.

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Sex, Energy, Well-Being and Low Testosterone: An Exploratory Survey of U.S. Men's Experiences on Prescription Testosterone