The penile signs of a thyroid disorder

The penile signs of a thyroid disorder

Do these glands tell your penis what to do? Erectile dysfunction might mean a malfunction in the all-important tiny glands in your neck…

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The penile signs of a thyroid disorder

The interaction between thyroid function and male sexual function is just now being studied.

A new study shows that low thyroid function has profound effects on…

…testosterone, prostate size, and sexual function.

This human study was carried out at multiple universities in South Korea. The results were published in the Journal of Urology.

Thyroid hormones have a profound effect on female reproduction.

This study set out to see if thyroid has the same influence on male reproductive factors.

“The effects of thyroid on female function have been clearly established. We evaluated sexual function and hypothyroidism in male subjects.”

This study used data from over 1,000 men who had visited Korean hospitals for health screenings.

“Clinical records of 1,095 male patients who had visited our hospital for health screening between January 2010 and July 2016 were assessed.”

These health screenings provided clinical data on testosterone, thyroid, and the prostate.

The men also completed questionnaires on penile function and performance.

“Patients provided testosterone, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free T4 (free thyroxine), and International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) questionnaires.”

The study found that hypothyroidism is associated with low testosterone.

“Levels of serum testosterone were negatively associated with hypothyroidism.”

Hypothyroidism was defined as having thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels above 4.0.

Hypothyroid men also scored worse on sexual function and sexual satisfaction questionnaires.

“International Index of Erectile Function sexual desire scores and overall satisfaction scores were negatively associated with the hypothyroidism.”

Hypothyroidism seems to lower testosterone and sexual performance in men.

Hypothyroidism was also associated with a larger prostate.

“Prostate volume was positively associated with the hypothyroidism.”

Testosterone and erectile function are both harmed by hypothyroidism – independent of age.

“After adjusting for age, sexual desire scores and levels of serum testosterone were significantly associated with hypothyroidism.”

Men with hypothyroidism were twice as likely to have clinically low testosterone.

“Prevalence of hypogonadism was 13.8% in patients with hypothyroidism vs 6.5% in normal thyroid function group.”

Many men are suffering from low testosterone.

Low testosterone is responsible for sexual problems, more belly fat, lower bone density, heart problems, and depression.

Many of the symptoms of low testosterone overlap with the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

This study shows why men with low testosterone should have their thyroid hormone assessed.

Low thyroid hormone is also associated with high estrogen and high cortisol.

Both of these hormones act in opposition to testosterone – making men fat, infertile, impotent, and unhappy.

When testosterone is low, thyroid should be investigated BEFORE supplementing testosterone – or you could make the situation worse.

Many of the elements of modern life decrease both thyroid hormone and testosterone.

So testosterone replacement therapy can be very beneficial to some men.

BUT one of the risks of supplementing testosterone is that it can convert to estrogen – creating inflammation and negatively affecting health.

Hypothyroidism will increase the risk of supplemental testosterone being converted to estrogen in the body.

Sometimes getting enough sleep and eating the right foods can correct thyroid hormone and testosterone.

Some people might need supplemental thyroid hormone or testosterone.

Both thyroid hormone and testosterone are serious medications. If you take them, you should be under the care of a well-trained professional.

An excess of either hormone is as bad as a deficiency.

“Serum testosterone level and sexual desire were decreased in male hypothyroidism patients. Therefore, it is important to identify and treat hypothyroidism when treating hypogonadism in clinical practice.”

You should see a healthcare professional if you suffer from any of these symptoms and get BOTH your thyroid and testosterone checked out.

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Penis improvement: How to increase testosterone and thyroid

Certain foods that we eat kill our testosterone levels and our thyroid levels.

Over 1,000 medical studies by universities ranging from Harvard University to MIT validate the fact that these foods lower metabolism, lower testosterone, and lower thyroid.

By cutting out these bad foods, a man’s body will begin building testosterone and thyroid levels.

At that point, a man experiences more and more energy…and that surge of testosterone that makes a man confident and it makes a man’s muscles hard and firm.

And that surge of testosterone helps a man’s sexual performance.

Here is how men can eat slightly differently and boost their thyroid and their testosterone for more confidence and better sexual prowess.




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