The dumbest intercourse mistake men are making?

8/10 men are doing this in bed even though women hate it

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—-Important Message From Lloyd Lester—-

The dumbest intercourse mistake men are making?

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There’s 1 single MAJOR mistake men make when it comes to intercourse…

A man may screw up in other areas…

A man may have the tiniest unit in the whole town…

But whatever it is, he should never do this to any woman:

The dumbest intercourse mistake (and what to do instead)…

P.S.: This makes her orgasm last for a minute… and then stretches it for the next 4. (That’s 5 full, glorious minutes!)


No more surgery for this common ailment – do this instead

Appendicitis can be dangerous. But stay tuned for a wonderful new option…

Appendicitis is the most common reason for abdominal surgery in the world.

Appendicitis cases — marked by abdominal pain that often migrates to the lower right side, nausea and vomiting, and low-grade fever — are confirmed with ultrasound and/or CT scans.

The reason that appendicitis can cause a real problem is that if your appendix gets inflamed and bursts…

…then it can spill bacteria and debris into your abdominal cavity.

That can lead to serious complications and can be deadly.

So, if you have symptoms of appendicitis you want to see a doctor right away.

Because of the danger, until recently, if you had a bout of appendicitis then you were likely to go into emergency surgery.

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Now there is another option – the use of antibiotics to treat appendicitis.

In a review of studies that was conducted by Duke University Medical Center…

They found that the non surgical option of using antibiotics to treat appendicitis can work in up to 70% of cases.

That’s a 7 in 10 chance that you might not need surgery if you get an inflamed appendix.

“Acute appendicitis is the most common abdominal surgical emergency in the world, striking about one in 1,000 adults,” Pappas said. “Until recently, the only treatment option was surgery, so having a non-surgical approach for many of these cases has significant impact for both patients and the health care system.”

This is great news. Surgery – even routine surgery like an appendectomy – is traumatic to the body and it’s expensive too.

The ability to potentially treat most appendicitis cases with antibiotics should be cost-saving for a lot of people…

And should help people recover without the trauma of surgery.

It’s also fairly easy to determine who is a good candidate for the antibiotics and who isn’t.

If the scans depict no complications, most of these patients could receive antibiotics instead of undergoing an appendectomy. Antibiotics could also be a first-line therapy for patients who have severe symptoms, but who are older or have medical conditions that add risks to surgeries.

One thing to be aware of with this approach is that if you have appendicitis and you treat it with antibiotics…

Then you have about a 2 in 5 chance of getting appendicitis again and may eventually need surgery.

Pappas added that antibiotics are not always a complete cure. In about 40% of cases, patients who recover from a bout of appendicitis after receiving antibiotics have another episode and eventually need their appendix surgically removed.

Even with the potential for recurrence, I still like options when it comes to medical decisions…

So having the option of antibiotics for treating many cases of appendicitis is a good thing.

This is fairly new information, so it’s something that you may have to educate your doctor about if you end up with appendicitis.

You can ask them if you are a candidate for antibiotics instead of surgery.

They can help guide you from there.

But remember that appendicitis is very dangerous and it can cause real problems for people.

So if you are experiencing symptoms like pain in your lower right belly or near your navel, and possibly a fever…

Make sure you get seen by a doctor right away.

You don’t want to take unnecessary risks with your health…

And appendicitis can be a real problem if you let it go and don’t get it treated or try to treat it yourself without proper doctor supervision.

—-Important Message For Men Over 50—-

THIS is the #1 sign you are going to get a heart attack or stroke

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I’ve uncovered a hidden landmine that can lead to a heart attack or stroke in men.

It’s the true silent killer of men 50+ and it often has no warning…

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a simple 90 second exercise that can naturally reduce your risk of these serious heart threats…

And it may stop a heart attack right in its tracks, when time is of the essence…

…potentially adding decades to your life!

Here’s how to use this 90-second exercise to disarm the hidden landmine leading to heart attack and stroke


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