The croissant diet for men

Young man eating croissant and drinking tea or coffee on breakfast

Eating this way naturally replaces fat with muscle…

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The croissant diet for men

A certain diet created by Brad Marshall has become popular in recent years.

Its name? The Croissant Diet.

Indeed, it’s a reference to the famous butter-filled french pastry.

Brad Marshall connected the dots between research and the longstanding “paradox’’ of French people being healthy despite eating a lot of saturated fat.

Of course, in recent years, the myth around saturated fats being bad has collapsed almost completely.

There is a clear track record of saturated fats being extremely protective against a variety of metabolic disorders, including cancer.

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The main saturated fatty acid that Brad Marshall talks about in his Croissant Diet is stearic acid, and for good reason:

“Stearic acid (C18:0) is a long chain dietary saturated fatty acid that has been shown to reduce metastatic tumor burden. Based on preliminary observations and the growing evidence that visceral fat is related to metastasis and decreased survival, we hypothesized that dietary stearic acid may reduce visceral fat. Athymic nude mice, which are used in models of human breast cancer metastasis, were fed a stearic acid, linoleic acid (safflower oil), or oleic acid (corn oil) enriched diet or a low fat diet ad libitum. Total body weight did not differ significantly between dietary groups over the course of the experiment. However visceral fat was reduced by ∼70% in the stearic acid fed group compared to other diets.’’ – Shen et al. (2014)

Visceral fat is so commonplace in the western world that it is seldom thought about.

Regularly, it is now seen as a normal part of getting older.

Brad Marshall makes a convincing case that the visceral fat accumulation is mostly due to the widespread use of polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

These vegetable oils downregulate metabolism in a variety of ways.

This is obviously a thesis that has been made popular in recent years by Ray Peat, PhD.

In a recent podcast with Danny Roddy and Georgi Dinkov, Ray Peat talked about stearic acid and its various protective effects against heart necrosis and visceral fat while also promoting subcutaneous fat.

Subcutaneous fat is a positive trait, it gives the skin a very smooth character which we associate with healthy children and young people.

In general, sick and aging people lose this subcutaneous fat and gain visceral fat, possibly as a defensive response to stress.

(The visceral fat is protection for the internal organs.)

Going back to The Croissant Diet, Brad Marshall actually ate croissants (and other recipes) made with a special type of stearic acid enriched butter oil.

The results were simply astounding, and are documented on his website.

Basically, he lost his “spare tire’’ of visceral fat in just a few weeks of this diet rich in stearic acid.

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