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Text her this to get nookie

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Cleansing your gut this way can prevent and treat arthritis

Endotoxin, also known as lipopolysaccharide or LPS, is part of the structure of bacteria which live in our guts.

Every gut is somewhat permeable – there’s always some endotoxin leaking from the gut into the rest of the body.

The body perceives endotoxin as a bacterial infection.

It responds by ramping up inflammation in order to kill what it perceives as a bacterial infection.

But these days, many people have large amounts of endotoxin leaking from their gut into the rest of their body daily. 

This leads to a permanently inflamed body.

I’ve written before about how endotoxin is known to cause type II diabetes, low testosterone, and dementia.

In recent years, researchers have shown that endotoxin is a major cause of rheumatoid arthritis.

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This human and animal research was carried out at University College London in the UK. The paper was published in Med (N Y).

You have probably heard of “leaky gut syndrome” – which consists of a wide variety of symptoms and diseases caused by a leaky gut.

When the gut is leaky – more bacteria and bacterial fragments find their way into the rest of the body.

This is often due to imbalance of gut bacteria – known as gut-microbiota dysbiosis.

In the last few years, more evidence has come to light about the potential role of leaky gut syndrome in rheumatoid arthritis.

“Evidence suggests an important role for gut-microbiota dysbiosis in the development of rheumatoid arthritis.”

This study combined human and animal research to clarify the role of endotoxin in this inflammatory disease.

First, the researchers collected blood samples from people with rheumatoid arthritis.

All of these participants were assessed for the degree and severity of the disease.

The researchers analyzed blood samples for markers of leaky gut syndrome and damage to the gut barrier.

These samples were compared against those of healthy people.

People with rheumatoid arthritis have clearly elevated markers of leaky gut.

“Rheumatoid arthritis patients display increased levels of blood markers for gut permeability and gut damage – both of these positively correlating with disease severity.”

The higher the markers of leaky gut syndrome in the blood – the more severe the extent of rheumatoid arthritis in the patients.

This, combined with previous studies, clearly solidifies a strong link between rheumatoid arthritis and leaky gut.

Next, the researchers moved on to animal experiments to take a close look at the possible mechanisms.

They found that mice which had previously been bred to develop arthritis also had advanced leaky gut problems.

“Arthritic mice display increased gut permeability from early stages of disease.”

The researchers were able to take a look at what was going on inside the joints of the animals…

And they found that endotoxin from the gut was making it all the way into their joints causing inflammation.

“Arthritic mice display increased bacterial translocation and inflammatory gut damage.”

Translocation refers to the presence of gut bacteria in other parts of the body.

The researchers carried out numerous experiments on the mice.

These experiments explained all of the interactions between gut bacteria and the immune system.

These interactions cause leaky gut and allow endotoxin to reach the joints where it triggers inflammation – AKA, rheumatoid arthritis.

They also found that treating leaky gut syndrome in mice which are bred to develop arthritis significantly decreases arthritic inflammation and degeneration.

“Treatment of mice with a molecule that prevents development of gut permeability, ameliorates arthritis.”

All in all, this is very strong evidence showing that endotoxin in the joints…

Caused by leaky gut syndrome, is a major factor in rheumatoid arthritis.

“We suggest that breakdown of gut-barrier integrity contributes to arthritis development and propose restoration of gut-barrier homeostasis as a new therapeutic approach for rheumatoid arthritis.”

Psychological stress and diets high in inflammatory fats are major causes of leaky gut syndrome.

And there are many foods and supplements which can increase or decrease leakiness.

It is a solvable problem.

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Intestinal barrier dysfunction plays an integral role in arthritis pathology and can be targeted to ameliorate diseasehttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34296202/