Testosterone transforming into estrogen? Here are the symptoms

Testosterone transforming into estrogen? Here are the symptoms

Very unpleasant and many men find their E levels are higher than their wives’… Here’s how to fix it fast and get the sexual boost you are looking for…

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Testosterone transforming into estrogen? Here are the symptoms…

Testosterone turns into estrogen in the male body…

And estrogen causes many unpleasant symptoms.

Remember: Much of a man’s estrogen comes from fat…

And you already know from my previous newsletters that losing fat is what we want to do – as opposed to losing lean mass.

We do not want to lose lean mass such as muscle, brain, liver, or (gasp!) penile tissue. We want to lose fat only.

And there are even different kinds of fat.

In this newsletter, I want to focus on the worst aspect of fat…

Fat creates estrogen in our bodies.

The medical establishment has a love affair with estrogen because Big Pharma loves estrogen.

Big Pharma has paid for medical school educations.

They have indoctrinated doctors to think that estrogen is useful and valuable.

And, yes, we do need some estrogen.

BUT estrogen is best thought of as a stress hormone.

When you have high estrogen levels, you usually also have high cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted during stress.

Estrogen is also secreted during stress.

There are a whole HOST of chemicals that are secreted during stress.

Another misunderstanding about estrogen is this: We are trained to think of estrogen as a female hormone but it’s not.

Estrogen is actually higher in men than it is in women, once women are past menopause.

Estrogen causes cells to swell up and to divide quickly.

And that’s a strategy for fast growth. It’s kind of a way to grow your way out of trouble.

BUT it can also contribute to cancer metabolism…

Yup, estrogen is actually carcinogenic.

What might surprise you in this paper I’m going to talk about is the revelation that most estrogen in men comes from testosterone!

“Testosterone is the major source of plasma estradiol…”

Estradiol is the very active form of estrogen and most of it is produced from testosterone.

Testosterone turns into estrogen through a process called aromatization.

We have a cellular machine called aromatase that takes care of converting testosterone into estrogen.

And there are various compounds called aromatase inhibitors that can stop this conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Now here’s where estrogen is associated with fat and the story of fat…

I’m going to tell you about the connection between estrogen and fat – and how to stop estrogen from building up and hurting a man’s health and sexual abilities.

The study notes:

“Age-associated decrease in testosterone levels is scarcely reflected in plasma estradiol levels, as a result of increasing aromatase activity with age and the age-associated increase in fat mass.”

This means that even after your testosterone levels may be falling – your estrogen levels are still rising…

That’s because the process of converting the testosterone you do have into estrogen becomes more efficient.

And it’s also because you have more fat that is producing more estrogen.

There are two kinds of fat that we need to talk about here: visceral fat and abdominal fat.

“Estradiol levels are highly positively related to body fat mass, and more specifically to subcutaneous abdominal fat – but not to visceral (omental) fat.”

Abdominal fat, of course, is belly fat.

Visceral fat is between your organs. It produces hardly any estrogen.

Abdominal fat produces tons of estrogen.

So if you really want weight loss to be an effective boost for your overall health, lose the belly fat.

Because then you will be losing the estrogen that all that belly fat helps to produce.

And lower estrogen will translate into far better sexual performance and much better health.

In this study, they gave extremely obese men a drug that stops the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

As a result, their estrogen levels went down dramatically… 

Even though they were still fat… And even though they weren’t producing much testosterone compared to most men.

Their testosterone levels rose dramatically as their estrogen levels fell dramatically!

This was a shocking discovery.

It means that just by stopping the conversion process of testosterone to estrogen, men with low testosterone who are morbidly obese can still have normal testosterone levels and get rid of a lot of their excess estrogen.

We don’t know if achieving this via the drug they used in the study is safe in the long run… It probably isn’t.

BUT there are other things you can do to reduce your estrogen levels.

And the safest thing you can do is lose belly fat, slowly but steadily.

This study does show another option for certain men – get your doctor to prescribe an aromatase inhibitor.

As always, work with your doctor and remember that the lowest dose of most drugs is usually best.

Men who had too much of this aromatase inhibitor in the study had more side effects.

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How do you reduce estrogen?

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But the way most guys lose fat is WRONG… and then end up LOWERING their testosterone and INCREASING their estrogen (fat cells dump estrogen into the bloodstream).

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