Can testosterone levels cause stress?

Can testosterone levels cause stress?

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There’s a certain effect of high testosterone on winning and losing.

It leads to men who have higher testosterone to love to win more than men who have low testosterone levels.

And men with high testosterone hate to lose.

So, can testosterone levels cause stress?

It turns out that there is a healthy relationship between stress and low T.

Today’s study is interesting because researchers measured testosterone and cortisol levels of men in competition.

These men were engaged in, of all things, a dog agility competition.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing!

Like I said, it’s a very good study.

And it showed that when men with high testosterone lost, they were stressed out.

Their testosterone didn’t change much, but their cortisol levels rose a lot.

High cortisol indicates high stress.

So men with high testosterone were stressed out about losing.

But the men with low testosterone levels did not stress out about losing.

Their cortisol levels did not budge — it didn’t matter if they lost or won.

The most interesting thing was the behavior on playing again.

High testosterone men who won chose to repeat the competitive task, whereas high testosterone losers chose to avoid it.

So let’s break this down.

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If you have high testosterone and you play a game, you’re going to stress out if you lose.

And you’re going to be happier if you win.

If you do win, you’re going to want to play again.

But if you lose, you’re not going to want to play.

I always wondered why I sometimes don’t feel like playing a game at all.

It turns out — it’s because I so hate to lose.

Where winning is nice, losing is awful.

I suppose sometimes high testosterone men simply hate losing more than they like winning.

This means that your testosterone levels determine a lot of your desire to engage in behavior or competition or game.

And the study also shows that your stress levels depend a lot on outside circumstances.

Stress levels change a lot if you have high testosterone levels — proven by the higher cortisol levels.

While if you have low testosterone, you not get as stress out about winning or losing.

So, guys who do not have high testosterone have an advantage!

There is a lot of evidence that although high testosterone is desirable, there are some effects of it that are not so good.

One of those effects, as the study shows, is that it causes men to respond negatively to losing.

Since losing is a part of life, it means that men with high testosterone tend to be more highly stressed out.

Who knew?



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The social endocrinology of dominance: basal testosterone predicts cortisol changes and behavior following victory and defeat 

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