Testosterone is good for prostate cancer

Testosterone is good for prostate cancer

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One of the common ways of treating prostate cancer today is chemical castration.

But doctors don’t call it that.

They call it androgen deprivation therapy.

Yeah, their way doesn’t sound as bad as “castration,” right?

In this paradigm, doctors teach patients that testosterone is bad.

They tell the patient that lowering testosterone will prolong their life and cause their cancer to stop growing or even to recede.

But is testosterone bad for you? No!  And not only that, the idea that prostate cancer and testosterone levels are related is a complete fabrication.

You may be surprised to learn that NONE of this has ever actually been tested!

And the results of what few tests there are… well, you’ll see.

Here at Daily Medical Discoveries, we go where others fear to tread.

Especially the big pharmaceutical corporations and the medical government complex won’t tell you these things.
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The whole idea of testosterone causing or increasing processing cancer is completely wrong anyway.

You can kind of understand why it’s wrong.

Generally speaking, young men have high testosterone, and they are less likely to get prostate cancer.

So if high testosterone were a problem, more young men would have prostate cancer.

You see?

But as men age, often their testosterone rate falls, and this is when they start getting prostate cancer.

So does it make any sense that high testosterone can cause prostate cancer?

The truth is that testosterone is very beneficial.

Men who have higher testosterone live longer and healthier lives.

Lowering and eliminating testosterone through androgen deprivation therapy is a terrible idea.

Let’s look at the research.

Now understand that this is not some fringe study.

These are heavyweight people at major universities around the world.

The list of universities includes the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the University of Connecticut and more.

The method was simple. The study examined the outcomes of 19,271 men aged 66 and older.

These men received a diagnosis of stage T1-T2 prostate cancer, between 1992 and 2002.

And the researchers followed up with them for many years afterward.

What makes it very interesting is this:

7867 (41%) received androgen deprivation therapy, and 11,404 were treated with conservative management, not including androgen deprivation therapy.

So, basically, 41% received aggressive treatment.

And the rest of them received conservative treatment without androgen deprivation therapy — and probably without radiation or anything else.

Overall survival were worse for patients treated with androgen deprivation therapy.

In fact:

androgen deprivation therapy was associated with either no effect or an adverse effect on prostate cancer–specific survival.

So, you are more likely to die, and you are more likely to die from prostate cancer if you have androgen deprivation therapy.

That is opposed to just being treated conservatively and doing very little or nothing.

According to the study anyway.

Yet they give this therapy right and left!

And I hear from men all the time right who tell me that their doctor said they have to keep their testosterone really low.

It’s complete nonsense. In fact, I think that everything about cancer treatment and especially prostate cancer treatment is wrong today.

And unfortunately, many men are suffering from it. Men are suffering from very low testosterone levels already.

Then they get cancer, and their doctors create chemical eunuchs out of them.

And this destroys any quality of life they have left while it lessens their chances of long-term survival.



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Survival Following Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy Among Men With Localized Prostate Cancer 

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