Taurine increases bile and raises metabolic rate

Taurine increases bile and raises metabolic rate

Bile acids are produced by the liver and stored to some degree in the gallbladder.

The body secrets these acids continuously during the day and then it recycles them on an ongoing basis.

Over a 24 hour period, you may have three to six cycles or more of secreting and reabsorbing bile acids.

About 5% of bile acids leave as feces.

The body recycles the rest.


Bile acids are essential for digestion and life, so it’s important that we study them.

There are new studies that show just how important bile acids are.

They help to increase our utilization of thyroid and help maintain our metabolic rate.

It’s important to realize first that there are two major thyroid hormones.

T4 is the storage form of thyroid hormone.

T3 is the metabolically active form of thyroid hormone.

To use thyroid properly, the body has to have certain enzymes available.

Tissues must have an enzyme called D2 to convert T4 into T3.

Since T4 is not active, your tissues must convert it into T3 for thyroid do its job.

So if your tissues are not turning T4 into T3, you could have enough thyroid hormone in your body and still be low in thyroid.

You could still have a low metabolism and testosterone, and you could be suffering from all sorts of metabolic diseases.

But this study found that bile plays a role in keeping the process going.

Researchers found that having a healthy amount of bile acids may be key to helping your tissues convert T4 and T3.

So more bile acids may restore your thyroid balance and metabolism.

This system is also another reason why I do not pay a lot of attention to the blood test for thyroid.

I prefer to use metabolic measures such as waking temperature.

Because so often, people can have normal thyroid hormone levels of T4 and sometimes even T3, yet still be clinically low in thyroid.

As the study authors conclude, sufficient bile acids are:

a crucial mechanism for fine-tuning energy homeostasis that can be targeted to improve metabolic control.

It also turns out that bile acids have a lot to do with what goes on in your colon.

The upper colon secretes bile acids.

And having a healthy amount of bile acids help as need to increase or lower the permeability of the colon.

Bile acid deficiency could lead to other health problems.

This process may be connected with high or low amounts of endotoxins.

Higher amounts of endotoxins entering the body contribute to disease — including diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

It may be that insufficient bile acids allow endotoxins to enter the body and cause disease.

This is yet another reason to have sufficient bile acids.

So how do you increase your bile acid secretion in a reasonable way?

I believe that many people have low bile acids.

So they have poor digestion and lots of endotoxins entering their body.

One of the keys to increasing bile acid is getting more taurine in your diet.

Taurine feeding was observed to induce an increase in bile flow as well as in the rate of excretion of bile acids

It is well known that 500 mg to 2000 mg of taurine per day significantly increases the flow of bile acids.

If you are starting to take taurine, you may want to do it with your diet.

Increase your consumption of clams, shrimp, and fish, as they are high in taurine.

You can also take taurine as a relatively inexpensive supplement.

And there is 1 gram of taurine in a can of Red Bull.

If you do decide to use taurine, you should start with a very small dose.

You can work your way up to your ideal dose slowly to avoid issues.

Taurine can give you a little bit of stomach upset and gastric distress as your bile acids are increasing.

Usually this distress goes away after a few days.

Always speak your doctor before you change supplementation or diet.

And make sure that you pay close attention your body.

Not everything will agree with everybody, and you need to be aware to notice issues.

But it is a good bet that you may benefit from increasing the taurine in your diet.

And increasing your taurine will increase your bile acids and your metabolism.



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