Take This Vitamin to Protect Yourself Against Cancer-Causing Nitrates

Take This Vitamin to Protect Yourself Against Cancer-Causing Nitrates

New studies have linked colorectal cancer to nitrates… And nitrates are in virtually all restaurant foods… But this special kind of vitamin protects the body from nitrates and prevents cancer…

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Take This Vitamin to Protect Yourself Against Cancer-Causing Nitrates

The debate around the health effects of meat has been going on for decades.

Some studies show that eating meat is associated with an increased risk of disease – but it is not clear whether the meat itself is causing the problem.

A new report describes how commonly used meat-processing chemicals can cause an increase in colorectal cancer.

Nitrates, nitrites and nitrosamines from processed meat intake and colorectal cancer risk

These researchers conducted their study at Queen’s University Belfast. They published the results in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics.

This study looked at some additives that are used in meat processing – nitrates and nitrites.

The additives are used to limit the growth of microbes on the meat.

“Nitrate and nitrite are used as additives to improve food quality and protect against microbial contamination.”

However, these additives are also sources of other compounds (NOCs) that increase cancer risk.

“Nitrate and nitrite are sources of N-nitroso compounds (NOCs) which are known carcinogens.”

The study reports that a couple of ounces of meat processed with these chemicals can significantly increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

“It is estimated that each 50g portion of processed meat eaten daily increases colorectal cancer risk by 18 percent.”

High-risk meats are probably risky because of how they are processed.

“We defined processed meat as meat which has been smoked, cured, or had salt or chemical preservatives added rather than having just been cooked or reformed (like most sausages and burgers).”

The cancer-causing molecules produced by nitrites and nitrates are created by reactions in the meat and also in the body after the meat is eaten.

The study identified meat products that are the highest risk for NOC carcinogens.

“The richest food sources of nitrosamines are bacon, luncheon meats, hot dogs, and sausages with added nitrates/nitrites like chorizo and salami.”

The formation of NOC carcinogens can be reduced by the addition of vitamin C or vitamin E.

“NOC formation can be inhibited by the addition of vitamin C and vitamin E – ingredients which are often added to processed meats.”

One human study reviewed in this paper showed that low vitamin C levels increased the risk of colorectal cancer with exposure to nitrites and nitrates.

“Vitamin C intake below the median (80 mg/day)…meant increasing risk of colorectal cancer with increasing nitrate intake.”

Vitamin C lowers the production of NOC from nitrite-treated meats and so offers some protection from colorectal cancer.

Up to 20% of sausages contain nitrite levels above the recommended limit.

“20% of sausages had levels above the concentrations indicated by the regulations of food additives which may be detrimental to health.”

Fresh meats have much lower levels of nitrates and nitrites than processed meats… So they are safer in this regard.

“Fresh meats such as beef medallions or minced beef are shown to contain low levels of nitrate.”

The study suggests that nitrites and nitrates are a risk to human health because they create cancer-causing NOCs.

NOCs can be at dangerously high levels in some processed meats.

The study suggests using an extract of green tea in place of nitrites and nitrates.

“We suggest green tea polyphenols could be utilized for processing dry cured bacons to improve quality, shelf life, and safety.”

However, a possible problem with green tea polyphenols is that at a certain dose they be detrimental to thyroid hormone levels in the body.

So, for now, I will stick with a little fresh meat.

You should see a healthcare professional about diagnosing and treating colorectal cancer.

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