Can surgery cause cancer to spread?

Can surgery cause cancer to spread?

We often assume that what our doctor tells us to do comes from tested principles.

That the doctors are telling us from the standpoint of superior knowledge. Scientific proof.

However, you have to remember this.

In the Western world, drugs and drug treatments have to go through some sort of study process to determine that they are safe and that they work.

There are certainly many flaws with this process.

Many drugs receive approval that should not.

And many drugs are really dangerous and shouldn’t pass testing at all.

But at least they have to go through some sort of process before they become approved for prescription use.

Surgery is not that way.

Anybody, any doctor, can do surgery — including the surgical removal of cancer.

And there is no required process to prove the surgery works.

There are no studies that demonstrate that the surgery actually works better than, say, no surgery.

So, you see there is no proof necessary that surgery works.

Which means a doctor can tell you that you need surgery, but there may be no evidence that the surgery will fix the problem.

Now it may come as a surprise to you.

But there is proof that surgery actually increases the spread of cancer.

And it increases the growth of cancer.

Now, we’re not going to talk about what can cause cancer to develop today.

But you need to see the truth about medicine’s treatment of cancer.

This study is very interesting.

Very highly reputable institutions including Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Georgia Institute of Technology conducted it.

It brings together important facts about cancer.

In this case prostate cancer although the same thing applies to any other cancer and surgery.

So let’s start with the beginning.

We found that for all patients: (1) inception of the first metastasis occurred when the primary tumor was undetectable.

This means that the idea of “getting the cancer early” may need to be re-examined.

By the time any cancer is detected, cancer cells exist throughout the body.

The cancer has spread before anybody has even perceived a tumor.

All or most of the surveyed metastases occurred before the start of treatment.

The cancer spreads again before anyone knows it still exists.

Here’s another shocking truth about cancer, specifically prostate cancer but again probably all cancers:

Rate of metastasis is essentially constant in time regardless of the size of the primary tumor and so it is only marginally affected by treatment.

It is common “knowledge” that if you catch a tumor early, you will prevent it from spreading through metastases.

But it is not true. It is false — finding it early doesn’t stop the spread.

Here’s the real shocker:

Surgery, chemotherapy and possibly radiation bring about a dramatic increase (by dozens or hundred times for most patients) in the average rate of growth of metastases.

A well-established fact is that surgery to remove a tumor actually encourages the spread of cancer.

The researchers went ahead and built a very elaborate mathematical model that shows all this.

And that fits all of the data to a T.

Still, don’t believe me?

Here’s another study — one of many.

Rapid disease progression may be a consequence of surgery.

It’s not even a question.

Cancer surgery causes the cancer to spread much much more quickly.

Especially with people who have a:

…dysregulated inflammatory response, and increased angiogenesis consequent to a suppressed antitumoral immune response.

This goes for pretty much anybody with cancer.

It appears that the cause of this cancer-surgery connection is the inflammatory response created following the surgery.

Surgery is extremely traumatic to the body.

And the body generates an inflammatory response which tends to increase the spread of cancer.

Rapid growth of cancer cells could be induced through perioperative inflammation.

Now there is a possible solution to some of this.

There is some evidence that certain analgesics and anesthetics may actually help counter this problem of surgery causing the spread of cancer.

I will have some further newsletters on that topic very soon.

Meanwhile, please consider options before you agree to surgery for cancer.



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