Sugar or sugar substitutes — which kill rockiness?

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Don’t ever use these if you value your rockiness

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Sugar and sugar substitutes — which kill rockiness?

You may already know this, but having a larger waist measurement as a man puts you at MUCH higher risk for “rockiness” problems and other sexual issues. 

It also makes your unit LOOK smaller – even though it really isn’t any smaller in reality.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s SO important to understand what actually helps with weight loss and what doesn’t. 

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Unfortunately, some of the things that are marketed as weight loss products because they are low-calorie actually CONTRIBUTE to weight GAIN – and all of the sexual problems that come with it.

The conflicting information on artificial sweeteners…

In the last several years, there have been a bunch of studies done on artificial sweeteners and how they affect your metabolism. 

Some of these studies have said that artificial sweeteners make you gain weight and some have said they help you lose weight.

“Several studies in recent years have reported that low-calorie sweeteners in foods and beverages disrupt the human metabolism, promoting the development of diabetes and obesity. But other studies have found that consuming low-calorie drinks and food has little impact on metabolism and might actually aid in weight loss.”

I want to be clear… 

It’s NEVER a good idea to put artificial sweeteners into your body. 

From all the research I’ve done, these chemicals are bad news. 

With that being said, the information coming out of these studies is still VERY confusing.

Artificial sweeteners can and do screw up your metabolic response.

This new study sheds some light on how artificial sweeteners ACTUALLY work in your body. 

Splenda (sucralose) DOES cause problems with metabolic and neural responses to sugar.

The study showed that people who periodically drank beverages with the low-calorie sweetener sucralose, which is found in low-cal soft drinks, candy, breakfast bars, and other products, did experience problematic metabolic and neural responses – but only when a carbohydrate in the form of a tasteless sugar was added to the drink.”

But here’s the catch… This only happens when sucralose is combined with carbohydrates. 

That seems to be why there are SO many contradictions in the data.

Real sugar (and artificial sweeteners alone) don’t do this.

Importantly, real sugar made from sugar cane or products such as maple syrup don’t mess with your metabolic response this way.

“In contrast, people drinking beverages with low-calorie sweeteners alone, or beverages with real sugar, showed no changes in brain or metabolic response to sugars.”

This is important, because those metabolic changes can cause serious problems. 

I actually recommend that people consume REAL sugar.

The problem is that people almost always consume carbs along with artificial sweeteners.

You might think that the finding of this research that artificial sweeteners without carbs don’t cause problems gives you a loophole. 

I caution you NOT to think this way! 

The reality is that it’s RARE for people to drink or eat artificial sweeteners without additional carbs…

And I think that the discipline required to do so is completely unrealistic.

“When this same amount of low-calorie sweetener was consumed with a carbohydrate added to the drink, sugar metabolism and brain response to sugar became impaired.”

If you drink a diet coke with fries or a burger, you are setting yourself up for trouble. 

It’s FAR better to drink a regular Coke.

According to Dana Small, author of the study and director of Yale’s newly formed division of nutritional psychiatry:

“The bottom line is that, at least in small quantities, individuals can safely drink a diet soda, but they shouldn’t add French fries.”

Don’t eat artificial sweeteners… Eat real sugar instead.

The bottom line is this: Artificial sweeteners are BAD for you. 

Sugar actually isn’t bad for you. Your brain and muscles all run on sugar. 

Your body NEEDS sugar to survive. 

It doesn’t need artificial chemicals that taste sort of like sugar AND screw up your metabolism.

Avoid these things and you will most likely have better health.

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