Sugar — not all sugar is the same

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What Big Pharma is hiding from men — about sugar

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Sugar — not all sugar is the same

Sugar is supposed to be the devil, but really, is it?

There are many different types of sugar.

For diabetics, it’s primarily the sugar glucose which triggers blood sugar and insulin problems.

Because of this, glucose is the sugar used to test sugar tolerance in the oral glucose tolerance test.

But some sugars seem to have the opposite effect.

Fructose is a sugar found in fruit which seems to help with blood sugar management and inulin.

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This human study was performed at the Diabetes Research and Training Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.

The results were published in the Journal of the American Diabetes Association.

Previous studies have shown that fructose can help people with poor glucose tolerance.

“A small dose of fructose with glucose decreases the glycemic response to a glucose load, especially in those with the poorest glucose tolerance.”

This experiment was designed to find out if fructose has the same benefits for people with type II diabetes.

“We hypothesized that an acute catalytic dose of fructose would also improve glucose tolerance in individuals with type 2 diabetes.”

Five participants with type II diabetes were recruited into the study.

“Five adults with type 2 diabetes underwent an oral glucose tolerance test on two separate occasions, at least 1 week apart.”

The oral glucose tolerance test involves giving people a drink with a large amount of glucose sugar.

Scientists then perform a number of blood tests.

The blood tests tell us how quickly blood sugar levels normalise.

Sometimes insulin is also tested.

This test consisted of 75 grams of glucose with or without 7.5 g of fructose.

The participants were randomly given either mixture and one of the two tests.

“Each test consisted of 75 g glucose with or without the addition of 7.5 g fructose in random order.”

The addition of a little fructose led to lower blood sugar.

“The area under the curve of the plasma glucose response was reduced by fructose administration in all subjects.”

7.5 g of fructose improved blood sugar by about 14%.

“The mean AUC during the glucose+fructose test was 14% less than that during the glucose only test.”

The insulin response was also improved with the addition of fructose sugar.

“The insulin AUC was decreased 21% with fructose administration.”

The study found that just a small amount of fructose can improve the glycaemic response in type II diabetes.

“Low-dose fructose improves the glycemic response to an oral glucose load in adults with type 2 diabetes.”

The results also showed that this effect is not from increased insulin.

“The improved glycaemic response is not a result of stimulation of insulin secretion.”

Not all sugars are the same.

Even for people with type II diabetes, different types of sugar have different effects.

Other studies have shown that fructose produces a much lower insulin response than glucose, even in diabetic patients.

A longer term study with fructose substitution led to significantly lower fasting blood sugar after three weeks.

Sugar in general and fructose specifically have been demonized in the last few years.

But some of the criticisms of fructose have been based around dubious interpretations of science.

One study gave rats access to enormous amounts of fructose in drinking water.

The rats ended up consuming a lot of liquid fructose.

And then the rats got fat and sick.

What’s not reported is that the enormous amount of liquid fructose was feeding bad bacteria in the gut.

These bad bacteria were causing a leaky gut.

Bacteria were leaking from the gut into the bloodstream  of the animals — causing inflammation and disease.

A large amount of liquid fructose has a very different effect from smaller amounts of fructose.

Fruit contains reasonable amounts of fructose and has other minerals and vitamins that can help blood sugar regulation.

The fiber also helps prevent growth of bad bacteria by slowing the release of sugar.

You should always consult a healthcare professional about treating and diagnosing health problems.

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Acute Fructose Administration Improves Oral Glucose Tolerance in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes