Stunning New Research Reveals Why Some Men Die Sooner

Stunning New Research Reveals Why Some Men Die Sooner

Researchers from Rice University have discovered this shocking reason why men get inflammation, heart disease, and die sooner than other men…and how to reverse the problem…

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Stunning New Research Reveals Why Some Men Die Sooner

There is a hidden reason why many men are dying far too soon…

To explore that, I will have to discuss grief and loss. But then I’ll show you how to add decades to your life, despite grief and loss.

So let’s start: Have you ever heard of someone dying from a broken heart?

It happens sometimes. People who are married for 50, 60, or 70 years will often die within days of each other.

It turns out, there’s a physical reason for this response.

If you’ve read my work before, then you know that I talk about internal inflammation a lot.

That’s because internal inflammation is the cause of most chronic diseases such as erectile dysfunction, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and more…

There are several causes for internal inflammation that I get into in other articles, but one that surprised me is grief.

Grief causes inflammation, and inflammation is incredibly damaging to the body.

Grief can cause inflammation that can kill, according to new research from Rice University.

Grief, depressive symptoms, and inflammation in the spousally bereaved

The REAL cause of most “aging” diseases…

Doctors usually treat disease like it’s an isolated incident.

If you have diabetes, then you get medicine for diabetes.

If you have high blood pressure, then you get medicine for high blood pressure.

And if you have high cholesterol, then they give you medicine for high cholesterol.

But what doctors don’t tell you (often they don’t know this) is that most “aging diseases” – diseases that you are more likely to get as you get older – have a common cause…

And that is internal inflammation.

According to the lead author of this study:

“Previous research has shown that inflammation contributes to almost every disease in older adulthood…”

For many years, Western medicine has treated the body and mind as two separate things…

But we’re finally learning that the Eastern approach of mind-body integration has a lot more merit than was previously thought.

In this study, the scientists from Rice University looked at people who had recently lost a spouse.

They compared those who had elevated symptoms of elevated grief against those with lower symptoms of grief.

“They compared people who showed symptoms of elevated grief – such as pining for the deceased, difficulty moving on, a sense that life is meaningless and inability to accept the reality of the loss – to those who did not exhibit those behaviors.” 

Elevated grief caused huge spikes in physical inflammation in the body.

I was stunned when I saw how dramatic this physical response actually is.

People who had severe grief had up to 53% higher levels of inflammation over those who had lower levels of grief.

“The researchers discovered that widows and widowers with elevated grief symptoms suffered up to 17% higher levels of bodily inflammation. And people in the top one-third of that group had a 53.4% higher level of inflammation than the bottom one-third of the group who did exhibit those symptoms.”

This type of grief and the inflammation it promotes can cause a higher risk of heart disease and even death.

That’s because inflammation often causes a cascading effect on health.

The inflammation causes disease symptoms, and then the disease symptoms cause MORE inflammation.

“His initial work showed why those who have been widowed are at higher risk of cardiovascular problems, bodily symptoms, and premature mortality by comparing inflammation in spousally bereaved individuals to matched controls.”

It’s important to remember that grief is not only limited to the loss of a spouse.

People can grieve for many reasons.

Any loss can trigger a massive grief response.

For example, the loss of a job or a pet, a severe illness, or the loss of a child – among many other things.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are grieving a major loss it’s a good idea to get treatment and learn coping mechanisms.

For many people, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, yoga, and exercise can help.

Serious loss can cause real physical symptoms that create major problems with disease due to internal inflammation.

It’s really remarkable that emotional pain can cause such a major physical response…

But since it does, it’s important that you are aware, so you can do something even if you don’t feel like it.

For example…

A friend lost his wife after 42 years of marriage and did the smartest thing imaginable. He began dating and meeting other women.

“My wife wanted me to be happy after she left this earth,” he told me. “It’s what she wanted for me anyway.”

Now he’s about to get married again. And even though it was really hard to do, he is glad to be happy again…and to have fulfilled his first wife’s wishes.

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