Study: These NSAIDs can cause “rockiness” problems in men

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Beware these anti-inflammatory treatments you get over the counter…

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Study: These NSAIDs can cause rockiness” problems in men

The problem with a lot of Big Pharma treatments on the market today is that their systemic and/or long term effects aren’t clearly understood. 

Sometimes we think this only applies to new treatments that are being developed.

But sometimes it also applies to treatments that have been on the market for a long time.

For instance, ibuprofen and other treatments in the popular NSAID category are turning out to have side effects that are surprising… 

And, as a result, these medications may do more harm than good.

A good example of this is my colleague Heather’s mom.

She has rheumatoid arthritis, an incredibly painful condition. 

In the past, she’s taken some pretty powerful NSAIDs, usually prescription-strength naproxen sodium (Aleve). 

When she takes that level of Aleve on a regular basis, she ends up with major lung problems, including asthma. 

These problems have nearly landed her in the hospital more than once.

This isn’t an unusual side effect. Similar things happen to many people. 

The question is…why?

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And it looks like at least part of the answer is what I call the NSAID bounce-back effect.

I’m going to tell you how the NSAID bounce-back effect works and why you need to be VERY careful when taking large quantities of these treatments (Aleve, Advil, Motrin, Celebrex and more).

But first I need to tell you about the TWO phases of inflammation.

Inflammation Phase 1

The first phase of inflammation is what we normally think of – the process that produces pain and sometimes fever. 

This happens when M1 immune cells go into action to protect the body from an attack.

“Inflammation proceeds – roughly speaking – in two successive phases… During the initial phase, type ‘M1’ immune cells (macrophages) are active. They produce inflammatory messenger substances (prostaglandins and leukotrienes) from unsaturated fatty acids, which trigger typical symptoms such as fever and pain.”

Inflammation Phase 2

After the first phase of inflammation, the second phase starts. 

This is where the inflammation is supposed to be resolved or go away. 

This happens when the M2 immune cells activate and start to bring the inflammation down.

“After a few days, the second phase begins, in which the inflammation is resolved. In this phase, type ‘M2’ macrophages are active, which produce inflammation-resolving messenger substances from the fatty acids (called resolvins).”

This second phase is where the NSAID bounce-back effect comes into play…

And it’s a VERY unexpected side effect of the NSAID drugs – although it explains very well what happens to Heather’s mom when she takes too many of them.

The bounce-back effect and why it can be terrible for your health

You see, these treatments work well on the initial inflammation…

But they also keep your body’s natural responses for FIXING the inflammation from going into action.

Conventional drugs intervene equally in both phases… They reduce the production of both proinflammatory messenger substances and inflammation-resolving mediators.”

This is what happens to Heather’s mom. 

She takes the NSAIDs to relieve the pain and initial inflammation, but then they  cause secondary inflammation to set in – causing the problems with her lungs.

“There is a risk of inflammation not being stopped and continuing to progress, so that secondary diseases occur.”

This bounce-back effect, or the interference of NSAIDs with your body’s natural healing functions, can cause all sorts of problems with your systems. 

That’s because internal inflammation is the cause of almost all age-related disease – including diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and even sometimes “rockiness” problems.

So if you have to take NSAIDs (other than aspirin) for pain or inflammation, do it with as much moderation as you can. 

And it’s also a good idea to try alternative pain relief techniques such as meditation, exercise, and physical therapy.

These medicines, especially when taken regularly, can be really bad news. 

And, when used too often, most of them also happen to be linked to problems with sexual function.

Protect your health by taking them as little as possible.

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