Study: Discovery fixes mind, memory, forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s

Study: Discovery fixes mind, memory, forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s

The real solution to mind and memory problems, even Alzheimer’s… This is BIG for any man who wants the mind and memory he had at age 20… 

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Brand NEW discovery: Have the mind and memory of a 20-year-old

The way to stay young is to maintain a sharp memory and mind.

Remember: The moment you are forgetful is the moment those around you see you as “an old man.”

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This naturally reverses prediabetes and diabetes in men (even type 2)

If you’re suffering from diabetes or prediabetes, your brain is shrinking without you even knowing it… 

Dr. Ari Magill, a board-certified neurologist who works with Ideal Male Labs, says that many patients in his practice suffer from cognitive disorders far too soon in their life…

And that, in fact, natural methods may help men have a mind as sharp as a tack even if they are 100 or older…

Years of scientific research shows us that men who suffer from type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to be diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.

And for more than a decade, researchers have been trying to find out exactly why this is…

Now there’s a discovery that can reverse prediabetes and diabetes, even type 2, and prevent your brain from shrinkage.

It can even help raise your testosterone and make you a sexual powerhouse again.

A recent study looked at the effect of type 2 diabetes on brain atrophy (the loss of brain matter)…

And the researchers found that type 2 diabetes is associated with brain shrinkage…

And this brain shrinkage is predictive of a loss of mental function.

These researchers carried out their human research at the University of Tasmania in Australia. They published their results in the journal Diabetologia.

Metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes are strongly associated with an increased risk of dementia. 

(And some people argue that dementia is also a metabolic problem.)

“The burden of poor metabolic health is rising worldwide and is a strong risk factor for dementia.”

Type 2 diabetes doubles the risk of dementia.

“The presence of type 2 diabetes mellitus, in particular, doubles the risk of dementia in older age.”

Long-term studies show that diabetes causes an accelerated decline of mental function.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, brain atrophy and cognitive decline in older people: a longitudinal study.

“Type 2 diabetes is associated with a greater decline in executive function, processing speed, verbal fluency, and memory.”

Type 2 diabetes also leads to a loss of brain mass – called atrophy.

The scientists designed this study to see if diabetes-induced brain atrophy causes accelerated loss of mental performance.

“We examined whether type 2 diabetes is associated with greater brain atrophy and cognitive decline and whether brain atrophy mediates associations between type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline.”

The study recruited over 700 adults, though less than half of them finished the entire study.

They were a mix of men and women – and a good mix of people with type 2 diabetes and without.

The participants underwent a number of different brain scans over a period of years.

“Participants without dementia aged 55-90 years from the Cognition and Diabetes in Older Tasmanians study underwent brain MRI scans.”

Along with these scans, the participants took part in neuropsychological tests – tests to measure changes in mental performance.

“Participants also underwent neuropsychological measures at three points over 4.6 years.”

These tests allowed the researchers to see the relationship between type 2 diabetes, brain atrophy, and cognitive function.

Type 2 diabetes was associated with worse performance in verbal memory and verbal fluency – key markers of mental function.

“There were significant diabetes × time interactions for verbal memory and verbal fluency.”

The study found no association between brain atrophy and mental function during the period of the trial.

“There were no significant diabetes × time interactions or evidence of mediation of the diabetes-cognition relationship by brain atrophy.”

But the study found that people with type 2 diabetes started out with brain atrophy.

“People with diabetes had lower brain volumes at baseline.”

After analyzing the data, the researchers believe that diabetes causes brain atrophy earlier in life. 

The participants of this study were between the ages of 55 and 90 years old.

“The effect of diabetes on brain atrophy may begin earlier (midlife).”

Type 2 diabetes is associated with a loss of mental function in older people.

“Type 2 diabetes is associated with decline in verbal memory and fluency over ~5 years.”

Diabetes seems to cause shrinkage of the brain in midlife, which increases the risk for cognitive decline later.

The study underlines the importance of dealing with type 2 diabetes (and even prediabetes) as soon as possible.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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With brain shrinkage, it’s URGENT that men fix their diabetes NATURALLY.

So here is what happens with my simple diabetes reversal protocol:

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