Stress increases estrogen in men

Today, I’m going to show you yet another reason why you want to lower your estrogen levels.

In this study, researchers took people who are in severe shock and divided them into two groups.

Group 1 died.

Group 2 survived.

What was the difference between these groups?

Why did everyone in Group 1 die and Group 2 all survived?


I’ve been telling you for quite a long time about the dangers of higher estrogen levels in the male body.

The same really goes for the dangers of estrogen in the female body.

But females have much higher levels of the protective hormone progesterone.

Progesterone helps counter or oppose excess estrogen in women.

But men do not have higher levels of progesterone., and they naturally often have higher estrogen levels than their wives or girlfriends.

Men very often have higher estrogen levels than their wives or girlfriends.

There side effects of too much estrogen.

All of this estrogen takes its toll on the body.

If you take a look men who are fat, have heart issues, high blood pressure, gut issues, or diabetes, you have men who are very stressed.

These men are quite similar to the group one in this study, the people who died.

Let’s look closer at the study.

The people that died had ten times higher estrogen levels than normal people.

This group also had a fraction of the testosterone levels as normal people.

So the people who died had very high estrogen and very low testosterone.

Group two lived, so researchers wanted to know hat made them different.

The people in this group had higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels too.

But their estrogen was not nearly as elevated as the people in Group One who died.

Their testosterone was not nearly as low as it was for those in Group One either.

How about their cholesterol and other markers of illness?

For many years I’ve been telling you the higher cholesterol levels are very protective of good health.

And it turns out that there wasn’t much difference in cholesterol levels or other markers between these two groups.

The primary difference between the groups were the significant differences in their estrogen and testosterone levels.

So clearly, the findings are confirmation that it’s important to keep estrogen levels lowered.

We’ve discussed how high-stress levels create higher estrogen levels.

Stress can come from many different things.

We’re used to thinking of stress in mental terms.

Our boss is mean to us.

A girl rejects us.

We’re unemployed, or we lose our business in foreclosure.

Those are very stressful events, and they do raise estrogen levels.

But I’m talking about other forms of stress here too.

Scientists call it “oxidative stress.”

Oxidative stress relates to stress on a cellular level.

It can come from the gut — it can come from inflammation in the body.

This is why so many men today have a big gut.

They have a lot of estrogen in their bodies, as a result of chronic stress.

The stress can come from poor diet or psychological issues.

But most often it comes from a falling metabolism.

This decrease in metabolic levels can be caused by too many toxins in the environment, a poor diet, and very poor gut health.

Keep in mind that the people evaluated in the study are extreme.

They were hospitalized with life-threatening shock symptoms.

Group one died from the shock.

Group two lived.

The only difference that could be perceived in the survivors is that their estrogen levels were not nearly as high.

It seems that bringing down estrogen levels is critical to overall health.

Once you ask your levels are brought down, your testosterone levels will usually rise.

How can you bring your estrogen levels down?

The first thing to do is avoid drugs for increasing testosterone if you can.

Big Pharma has worked almost exclusively on testosterone raising products.

This is because testosterone patches, gels, injections, and pellets are a multibillion dollar profit business now.

But all this extra testosterone often turns into yet more estrogen, making a man’s health even worse.

Remember, in the male body, testosterone often turns into estrogen.

This process is called aromatization.

And it means that men can often have reasonably good testosterone levels, but may still have very high estrogen levels.

Raising testosterone without controlling estrogen obviously doesn’t work.

This study clearly shows us that much.

And this study is viable because they measured estrogen in the correct way.

The researchers measured estrone, which is a form of estrogen that is elevated in the blood.

Doctors don’t usually measure estrone — they measure estradiol.

Estradiol is much more potent than estrone, and both are a form of estrogen.

But estradiol does not show up in the blood the way estrone does.

High estradiol levels are very powerfully inflammatory.

But the estradiol often hides out in the cells and does not show up in a blood test.

If you want to check your estrogen levels, make sure to test estrone or estrone sulfate.

Then you can begin working with your doctor to bring your estrogen levels down and restore your health.

Lower estrogen levels often mean that testosterone automatically bounces back up.

And once testosterone recovers, you reap the rewards.

You recover your male performance.

You stop building up flab, and you begin building muscle even without working out or exercising.

You feel more assertive, more on top of the world, and more manly.

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Elevated estrogen and reduced testosterone levels in the serum of male septic shock patients 

1. Does stress increase estrogen? 
Many people don’t realize the potential health risks of high estrogen in the male body. It’s time we take a hard look at the hazards of over-stress, and how it relates to estrogen levels.When we hear the word “stress”, we generally think of it in mental terms. The loss of a job, a girlfriend, a wife, a pet: these are undoubtedly stressful events, and they will raise estrogen levels in men.There’s another type of stress, though, which scientists call “oxidative stress.” This takes place on the cellular level. Often, it physically manifests itself in a man’s gut.Primarily, oxidative stress is related to a falling metabolism. A decrease in metabolic levels can be caused by toxins in the environment, a bad diet, and poor stomach health in general.In a recent study, two groups of men suffering from shock were observed. Those with ten times the level estrogen levels than normal folk died. Those with more balanced hormone levels survived. The cause and effect appear obvious.I strongly advise against taking any drugs that purportedly raise testosterone. Pharmaceutical companies have been pushing them hard, because it’s a multi-billion dollar business at this point. But those drugs are more likely to push your hormones even further out of whack and will probably just raise your estrogen levels higher.The reason for this is called aromatization: it’s the process by which your body turns testosterone into estrogen.If you want to raise your testosterone, which in turn will lower your estrogen, fix your diet and improve your gut health. By working with your doctor, you will notice that your flab will disappear, and you’ll develop muscle without even trying.Be kind to your body and try to live as stress-free as possible. You’ll begin to reap the rewards of your regained testosterone. You’ll start to feel vital and virile again. 

Does grapefruit increase estrogen? 
Grapefruits are actually considered very healthy since it has specific enzymes that can affect the way the human body deals with sugar. This can play an important role in preventing obesity and diabetes. Packed with Vitamin C, Grapefruit is also very beneficial for the body since it promotes healing and protects the body from the onslaught of the free radicals damage. Though grapefruit is considered very healthy and nutritious for the body, it is also known to affect the estrogen levels of the body. According to some British studies, women during their postmenopausal phase do have the propensity of developing breast cancer from the consumption of grapefruit. Moderation is the key here. It has also been seen that the consumption of grapefruit increases the concentration of aromatase in the body which plays a key role in the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This can actually affect the physical body. Even the US FDPA mandates labels on grapefruit juice products, that it may increase the level of estrogen in the body. Some people who has grapefruits juice on a daily basis can also suffer from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction.Grapefruit is known to consist of certain substances that are flavonoids, which can increase the levels of oestrogen in the blood by inhibiting the liver's ability to expel estrogen. It can be safely said that grapefruit juice has different effects on different individuals, so it might be a good advice to consult your naturopath or doctor before including grapefruit juice in one's diet. Also But those who may have a family history of oestrogen receptive tumours, it can cause breast cancer in women which is related to the increase in estrogens. Thus it is a good idea to consume grapefruit in moderation.   

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