Strange penile reflex secret gets men rocky on command

This new reflex gets your manhood responding spontaneously again

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—-Important Message From Lloyd Lester—-

Strange penile reflex secret gets men rocky on command

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Can you remember your teenage-self getting “too excited” in public?

Back then, when puberty was giving you the works, there wasn’t much you could do to hide a full-blown boner in embarrassing situations.

But the sad truth is, as men age, such random erections don’t happen frequently anymore…

And most guys think there’s nothing they can do about it.

Except you CAN do something about it… if you take advantage of these puberty-infused hormones again…

Because when something turns you on, a specific enzyme in your body causes a blood powerflow…

…giving you those thick, powerful, and highly sensitive erections you had as a teenager.

And all it takes is preparing your body to recognize and boost the natural arousal signals…

…so that your manhood can stand at attention exactly when you want it to.

In other words, it’s possible for men to get aroused on cue…

And you can restore those awe-inspiring, throbbing rocky ones your body remembers from its teenage years.

See what I mean here: how to get your manhood to spontaneously respond to arousal (and get rockier on demand)


This protects men’s testosterone and sperm production

Probiotics are supplemental bacteria which can have beneficial effects throughout the body which are mediated by their effects in the human gut.

I have just finished writing a newsletter where I detail the most interesting probiotics on the market…

One of which causes massive increases in testosterone.

Though that probiotic may be the best for increasing testosterone levels – it is not the only one.

Researchers in India discovered that a combination of probiotics and prebiotics increased testosterone and fertility in lab animals.

The effect is largely due to the probiotic bacteria suppressing bad bacteria which cause inflammation that damages the testicles.

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The review article was researched at the National Dairy Research Institute, Haryana, India. The paper was published in Food and Function.

Though it is still early days in the science of probiotics…

It is already clear that some of these bacteria can be as effective as treatments and have a better safety profile.

(Be careful though, because many probiotics out there really are not very safe and should not be consumed.)

“Probiotics have been suggested as alternatives to pharmacological drugs in the treatment of a variety of medical problems.”

Obesity, infertility and low testosterone are male problems which often occur together in the modern world.

These are problems usually related to consuming a diet which affects gut bacteria – leading to weight gain and male problems.

Of course, if bacteria are the problem then probiotics may be the solution.

“Probiotics have been suggested for obesity management, which is often linked to low sperm production.”


The authors of this study carried out experiments looking at the effect of 2 different probiotics in combination with a prebiotic…

Something which feeds bacteria. The combination had been grown in milk.

“This study assessed the effect of two probiotic strains, L. fermentum and L. rhamnosus, and FOS fermented milk supplementation.”

Both of those bacteria are known to live inside healthy human guts.

“We identified the significantly reduced oxidative stress markers in the plasma and liver of high-fat diet-fed animals.”

The animals were fed a high-fat diet as this reliably induces obesity, infertility and low testosterone.

The researchers then looked for any changes in inflammation in those animals given the probiotic/prebiotic treatment.

The researchers also looked at the effect on hormone enzymes produced by the testicles.

These enzymes are responsible for the production of testosterone and other important sex hormones.

“We determined the role of key testicular enzymes of steroidogenic pathway genes StAR, P450scc, and 17βHSD in maintaining the testosterone concentration and restoring testicular structures.”

This study, like a number of others, showed that probiotics can be useful for protecting the testicles against the harmful effects of the modern diet…

Likely by reversing the bacterial imbalances caused by that diet.

The probiotics protected against lower testosterone, decreased fertility and excessive weight gain.

“In conclusion, the present work illustrated the ability of both probiotics as regulatory agents with beneficial effects on weight loss and endogenous testosterone.”

Probiotic supplements can help to offset the damage caused by opportunistic bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal system.

This affects everything from the brain to the belly to the testicles.

“Both probiotics substantially improved sperm motility in male diet-induced obesity models.”

The results of this study may be surprising to some…

But there are other probiotics which are even more effective at treating gut related problems like obesity and low testosterone.

Making some changes to the diet is usually a good idea – especially if someone is eating a fast food, high-fat diet.

But in some cases probiotics alone can really have a miraculous effect.

The combination of the right diet and the right probiotics is a winner.

“Our findings indicate that fermented milk supplementation may be an alternative treatment for preventing obesity and other related metabolic syndromes.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

—-Important Message About Balancing Your Gut—-

This cleans bad bacteria out of your organs — try it for free

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My new protocol cleans men’s organs out, even their male organ.

And the result is much better health and rockiness.

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Dietary intake of probiotic fermented milk benefits the gut and reproductive health in mice fed with an obesogenic diet