Stop cortisol – stop shrinkage this way

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Stop the cortisol — cortisol shrinks men and makes them fat around the middle

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Stop cortisol – stop shrinkage this way

Stress — we all know what it feels like, but it can be difficult to describe.

In biological terms, stress is any demand for energy that the body cannot meet.

Extreme physical exertion is an excellent model of this stress reaction.

High-intensity exercise (or running away from a tiger) triggers all the biological changes attributed to the stress response.

Cortisol is one excellent marker from stress — and our health is largely determined by our ability to recover from stress. Keeping cortisol low is critical.

The common supplement creatine helps the body recover from stress — lowering cortisol in the post-stress period. 

Creatine has many beneficial effects on energy production — lifting us out of the sick/stress phase.

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These human experiments were carried out at the Federal University of Parana in Brazil. The findings were published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences.

Cortisol carries out a number of essential functions in the body.

But chronically high cortisol causes disease…

For example, high cortisol is clearly implicated in obesity, penile limpness, type II diabetes and the beer belly.

Any type of stress leads to increased cortisol levels.

It is catabolic too — meaning it causes the breakdown and loss of muscle.

“Cortisol, a glucocorticoid, is a catabolic hormone which is released in response to stress and during high-intensity exercise.”

High levels of cortisol lead to low muscle mass and fat gain — skinny-fat.

Researchers call this cortisol-look “stress remodeling,” and you can see it everywhere these days.

“Chronically elevated cortisol levels are associated with stress remodeling.”

This study looked at a common anti-stress supplement (creatine) to see if its effect on cortisol increases from physical exertion.

The researchers recruited 17 healthy young men for the study.

Nine men were given 20g of creatine per day for the duration of the trial period. The trial period began 6 days before the stress experiment.

A further eight men took part in the same experiments but did not take any creatine.

Stress was induced by high intensity swimming.

All of the men were required to perform 8x 100m swimming sprints with little time between sprints.

“Eight consecutive 100 m freestyle swimming sets were performed in a progressive intensity format.”

The researchers tested cortisol levels before and after the sprints.

The men who had supplemented creatine had lower cortisol levels after swimming.

“After creatine supplementation, there was a significant reduction in cortisol concentrations following the swimming workout.”

Cortisol levels were 15-20% lower in stressed men taking creatine — quite a significant drop.

“Creatine loading significantly reduces the cortisol response to 100-meter freestyle swimming sets performed in a progressive intensity manner.”

Creatine has long been used by athletes and gym goers in order to improve endurance and increase muscle mass.

But the supplement also has profound bioenergetic effects — it helps cells to produce energy more efficiently. 

Energy demands are the main factor in stress.

If the body is better able to supply energy (with things like creatine), then there is less need for emergency stress hormones like cortisol.

Cortisol triggers harmful backup mechanisms for delivering energy to the body.

Because of the bioenergetic effect, creatine has also been shown to improve recovery from injury — even spinal cord injuries. 

It also helps to maintain healthy levels of male hormones like testosterone and DHT — hormones which oppose cortisol.

It is probably the most used health supplement in the world and is exceptionally safe in commonly used doses.

Only people with existing kidney problems need to avoid creatine — but it does not cause kidney damage.

This study used a “loading dose” of 20g per day — but most of the benefits are seen with smaller doses of 5g/day.

You should always speak to a healthcare professional about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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I’ve discovered that working out, especially if you do it too long, sets off a FLOOD of bad hormones like cortisol…

And these high levels of cortisol can chew up your muscle mass while your body struggles to recover from working out.

For instance, in one major study, it shows that men who work out too much actually LOSE testosterone and GAIN cortisol… not good:

As they say in the study, these men suffer from “low resting total testosterone levels and high normal cortisol levels…”

…and even if they try to pull back and work out less, these cortisol and testosterone levels are “not responsive to the training reduction.”

So if you want to know how to lower those stubborn cortisol levels and raise testosterone, all while naturally improving muscle mass…

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