Still using this popular supplement? It’s dangerous

Still using this popular supplement? It’s dangerous

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Still using this popular supplement? It’s dangerous…

Many people who suffer from joint problems use certain common and possibly dangerous supplements to help their symptoms.

Chondroitin is a very common over-the-counter supplement used to treat joint disorders.

It is used primarily to protect the structure of the joints from degradation.

A new study indicates that chondroitin may increase the growth of some types of skin cancers (melanomas).

This study, published in the journal Cell, was conducted at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University.

Scientists had previously found elevated levels of chondroitin in prostate cancer tumors.

This was the first clue that made them suspicious.

The study consisted of a number of experiments using human skin cancer cells and mice.

“Increased chondroitin was found in prostate cancer tumors. This was suggested to correlate with progression or recurrence of prostate cancer.”

But other studies indicated that there was no association between chondroitin and prostate cancer risk.

The authors of the study we’re discussing were still curious about interactions between certain genetic factors and chondroitin.

The previous studies involving prostate cancer did not investigate genetic risk factors.

“These studies didn’t look at specific genetic backgrounds, so the effects of chondroitin on human cancer types with cancer mutations remain unknown.”

The scientists were also suspicious that metabolites created by chondroitin could feed the most common type of skin cancer – melanoma.

“More than 50% of melanomas express the BRAF V600E mutant, which represents a therapeutic target because of its pathogenic role”

The scientists implanted human skin cancer cells in mice to create skin cancer melanomas.

Some of these mice were given chondroitin supplements in a manner that would achieve the same type of dose that humans use for joint problems.

The skin-cancer-implanted mice showed accelerated tumor growth when given chondroitin.

“We found that chondroitin resulted in increased growth rates and sizes of tumors in two human–mouse models of melanoma.”

The study shows that supplementation with chondroitin may increase the growth of a common type of skin cancer.

“These data suggest that the dietary supplement chondroitin promotes BRAF V600E melanoma growth.”

The scientists then injected mice with human skin cancer cells.

This was a separate type of experiment to the implantation of cancer cells.

The researchers gave these mice chondroitin too. Then they tested a cancer treatment on the mice.

Some mice became resistant to cancer treatment after the researchers gave them chondroitin.

“Chondroitin also reversed the inhibitory effects of the cancer treatment on tumor growth and size in these mice.”

These results show that chondroitin may present a risk of accelerated melanoma growth by interacting with some genetic mutations.

“Our results reveal a pathologic link between dietary supplements and specific cancer mutations.”

The study suggests that genetics should be a factor in deciding which supplements an individual should take.

“Such information will allow physicians or pharmacists to take an individual’s specific genetic background into consideration when providing reliable advice for dietary supplement choices with low cancer risk.”

Chondroitin is often used (along with other supplements) to treat osteoarthritis symptoms.

Primarily, it strengthens the structure of the joints.

The authors conclude that patients being treated for this type of skin cancer (V600E positive) should be asked about their use of supplements.

In particular, whether or not they use chondroitin.

The study also highlights the potential dangers of dietary supplements for some people.

“These results suggest that dietary supplements may exhibit gene pro-tumor effects.”

The interaction between supplements and genes is extremely complex and this avenue of scientific exploration is in its very early days.

You should see a healthcare professional about the diagnosis and treatment of any health conditions.

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The Dietary Supplement Chondroitin-4-Sulfate Exhibits Oncogene-Specific Pro-tumor Effects on BRAF V600E Melanoma Cells

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