Statins make you age faster, maybe a lot faster

A friend of mine has been insisting that he needs statins.

He said that he has a history of heart attacks in his family, and he’s afraid he’ll have a heart attack because his cholesterol is high.

And now he has had mysterious arthritis symptoms, and he’s been told that he needs a hip replacement. His hips were fine a year ago, but they’ve gotten bad all of a sudden.

I believe is the statins causing the problem. But he won’t stop taking them. And his doctor refuses to acknowledge the risks that statins bring to anyone taking them.

Hopefully, this newsletter will help you change your mind about statins, and help your doctor change his mind.

Cholesterol is a wonderful substance.

All of the major steroid hormones come from cholesterol.

The brain is made up mostly of cholesterol.

We make most of the cholesterol we need, and only get a little bit of it from our diet.

If we eat a lot of cholesterol containing eggs, we will regulate our own production of cholesterol because we’re getting it from food.

In this way, the body always make sure it has enough cholesterol. Without cholesterol, the body ages and dies quickly.

That’s why this study is so valuable. The researchers examined the effects of statin drugs that interfere with cholesterol metabolism.

They found that, no surprise here, the standard drugs cause widespread negative health effects on every cell in the body.

Statins speed up aging.

There’s been so much evidence of this for years and years, but big Pharma has made so many billions of dollars in profits on statins, that they brainwash doctors to prescribe them.

I want you not only to be very afraid of statins. I want you to welcome cholesterol.

People with higher cholesterol actually live longer, and age more slowly.

Low-cholesterol is a much greater danger than high cholesterol.

And if you have high cholesterol, it is more likely that you have low thyroid function than anything else.

Increasing plaque stability means harder arterial plaques and MORE risk of premature aging and death

Most people don’t realize, that statins have long been found to make your arteries harder.

Atherosclerotic arteries actually get harder and more resilient plaque deposits, than they would without statins.

And now the study shows a potentially accurate mechanism as to why statins make hardening of the arteries worse.

And it also shows why statins may cause muscle problems and liver cancer, and other effects that are sometimes irreversible.

It all starts with stem cells

Stem cells are the clay, the raw material, in which certain new cells are born.

In this example of statins, the stem cells in question become immune cells, or macrophages.

Statins interfere with stem cells, so the stem cells don’t become macrophages. And this completely stops, or slows down, major immune systems in the body.

The result is a harder plaque in the arteries and greater muscular and nerve problems in the entire body.

That’s why Dr. Reza Izadpanah, the principal researcher of the study, said: “Our study shows statins may speed up the ageing process.”

“People who use statins as a preventative medicine for health should think again as our research shows they may have general unwanted effects on the body which could include muscle pain, nerve problems and joint problems.”

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