Squirting is now easy with this one little tip

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Squirting is now easy with this one little tip

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I’ve discovered that when a woman experiences the same kind of O’s over and over again, her body gets used to it…

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This is the only reason why I’d use S. boulardii

Everybody knows about probiotic bacteria – good gut bacteria which outcompete bad bacteria.

They can have a very positive effect on your health when used judiciously.

But not many people don’t know about other probiotic organisms.

For example Saccharomyces boulardii – the most well studied medicinal yeast.

S. boulardii was identified in the 1920s in Southeast Asia.

A French scientist noticed that locals were chewing on the skin of lychee mangosteen fruits as a folk cure for cholera.

He also noted that the remedy seemed to work too.

He eventually identified a probiotic yeast which lives in the skin of these fruits as the beneficial agent.

Recent research shows that this probiotic yeast can decrease body fat, inhibit liver damage and decrease inflammation. It seems to do all of this by beneficial effects on gut microbes.

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The animal experiments were performed at Université Catholique de Louvain in Brussels. The paper was published in mBio.

We know that many metabolic diseases are caused by things which disrupt gut bacteria.

“Growing evidence shows that gut microbes are key factors involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis, metabolic inflammation, lipid metabolism, and glucose metabolism.”

There are a number of ways we can intentionally alter gut bacteria.

Common methods include consuming other gut bacteria (probiotics), fibers which feed probiotic bacteria, and bacteriophages – viruses which eat bad bacteria.

But yeasts also play a major role in the gut…

Yet we don’t know anything about the effect of potentially probiotic yeasts on metabolic health.

“However, to date, no probiotic yeast has been investigated in this context.”

The researchers decided to open this chapter in human biology by looking at the effect of the most studied medicinal yeast – S. boulardii.

S. boulardii is well known for its ability to help with irritable bowel syndrome and other causes of diarrhea.

“Therefore, our study aimed to evaluate the impact of the most-studied probiotic yeast (i.e., Saccharomyces boulardii Biocodex) on obesity.”

The researchers looked at the effect of S. boulardii on fat gain and other markers of metabolic dysfunction.

“We also studied obesity-associated metabolic features, such as fat mass development, hepatic steatosis, and low-grade inflammation, in obese mice.”

The researchers carried out their experiments on two groups of diabetic mice.

Diabetic mice given S. boulardii gained less weight.

“We found that S. boulardii-treated mice exhibited reduced body weight.”

Obesity is a common problem for people with diabetes.

But liver problems and systemic inflammation are also commonly seen in diabetes.

The probiotic yeast reduced liver inflammation (hepatic steatosis) and decreased systemic inflammation in the diabetic mice.

S. boulardii also reduced fat mass, hepatic steatosis, and inflammatory tone.”

It is unsurprising, given the known role of gut bacteria in metabolic health, that S. boulardii had an effect on the gut.

“Interestingly, these effects of S. boulardii on host metabolism were associated with local effects in the intestine.”

The yeast led to numerous changes in the gastrointestinal system…

Including significant alterations in gut bacteria which could be responsible for the improvement in inflammation and metabolism.

S. boulardii induced dramatic changes in the gut microbial composition at the phylum, family, and genus levels; the changes in gut bacteria may also be correlated with the host metabolism response.”

S. boulardii has been used for decades and has very few reported adverse events.

This research shows that it can be a beneficial probiotic agent…

And it has a better safety profile than most probiotic bacteria on the market.

“This study demonstrates for the first time that S. boulardii may act as a beneficial probiotic treatment in the context of obesity and type 2 diabetes.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Almost all of us have a fatty liver — and this causes low testosterone and even diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease…

It’s called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease…

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And fatty liver disease causes T to drop and erections to suffer…

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Saccharomyces boulardii administration changes gut microbiota and reduces hepatic steatosis, low-grade inflammation, and fat mass in obese and type 2 diabetic db/db micehttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24917595/