Study: These animals had increased testosterone, DHEA, and sperm count compared to the other group…

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Obesity and infertility are on the rise.

Many connections have been made between obesity and male infertility…

And every year the association between them gets stronger.

A new study shows that two herbal extracts could fight both obesity and male infertility.

An article in the journal Spermatogenesis looked at the relationship between obesity and male infertility.

They found mounting evidence that obesity causes infertility.

“Male obesity impacts negatively on male reproductive potential – not only reducing sperm quality but in particular altering the structure of germ cells in the testes and ultimately mature sperm.”

The effect of obesity on fertility is now thought to be passed on to the next generation.

“Recent data has shown that male obesity also impairs offspring reproductive health – suggesting that paternal health cues are transmitted to the next generation via the sperm.”

A new study shows that some herbal oils could prevent much of the reproductive and hormonal damage caused by obesity.

This animal study was published in the Egyptian Journal Of Basic And Applied Science.

The experiment involved seven groups of male adult rats.

These rat groups were fed different diets. Some groups received the standard lab rat diet.

Other rat groups received experimental high-fat diets designed to make them obese and infertile.

Then some groups were supplemented with two herbal oils – sage and marjoram.

As expected, the rats eating the high-fat diet became obese over the 12 weeks of the study.

But supplementation of either herbal oil prevented much of the weight gain caused by the high-fat diet.

“Administration of marjoram or sage oil extracts to animals fed on the high-fat diet showed a significant reduction in body weight gain.”

The rats who became obese from the high-fat diet had very negative changes in their hormonal profiles…

The inflammatory hormones prolactin and estrogen went up in the obese rats.

“Obese rats also showed a significant increase in serum levels of prolactin and estrogen.”

Along with the increase in inflammation, the obese rats experienced a decrease in the vital male androgenic hormones – testosterone and DHEA.

“Obese rats also showed a significant reduction in serum androgens – DHEA, and testosterone.”

The obese rats on the high-fat diet also showed a reduction in sperm count and an increase in fat accumulation in the testicles.

“The results showed a significant reduction in sperm count, along with a marked elevation in serum and testicular total fats in high-fat diet fed animals.”

Animals fed a high-fat diet who were also given supplemental herbal oils were protected from all of these hormonal and reproductive insults.

“Marjoram or sage oils significantly decreased serum prolactin and estrogen, significantly lowering various troublesome fats in serum and testicular tissue.”

These increases in male hormones were associated with an increase in sperm count.

“Animals supplemented with herb oils in their high-fat diet had increased levels of serum testosterone, DHEA and an elevation of sperm count compared to high-fat diet only fed rats.”

These are fantastic results from pretty well-known herbs.

If these could translate into safe supplements for humans it would be a massive breakthrough in fighting both obesity and infertility.

The scientists ran a side experiment.

They wanted to test the effect of these herbal oils on healthy animals.

Two groups of rats were fed a normal rat diet. One group was supplemented with the herbal oils.

There were no detectable negative effects of these herbal oils on healthy animals.

“Administration of marjoram or sage essential oils to normal rats did not produce any significant changes in all tested parameters in comparison to normal rats, indicating their non-toxic effects at the applied dose.”

A fantastic result for the rats! Let’s hope it transfers to humans.

You should see a healthcare professional about fertility or obesity-related health issues.

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