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Skin irritation and itching.

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This hidden toxin may be draining your energy levels

Exposure to mold can cause many health problems and it is SO common that people suffer from it all the time without knowing it.

In this newsletter, I’m going to show you what to look out for and why you very likely are being dragged down by hidden mold in your house.

This type of fungus often grows out of control in water damaged buildings.

Mold exposure causes allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, peripheral neuropathy, neurological, and psychological problems — alongside alterations to hormones and chronic fatigue.

Many people with mold-related illness also present with non-thyroid illness syndrome — meaning overt signs of hypothyroidism even when labs look normal.

Careful supplementation with the active thyroid hormone T3 can clear up symptoms in these people.

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This human research was carried out at Amplia Clinic, Medical Center, Tampere, Finland. The results were published in Frontiers in Immunology.

Damp buildings can lead to chronic mold exposure and damage to every organ in the body.

“Long-term exposure to dampness microbiota induces multi-organ morbidity.”

Some of the symptoms are very closely related to hypothyroidism — though this does not show up on basic thyroid labs.

“One of the symptoms related to this disorder is non-thyroidal illness syndrome.”

Basic thyroid labs don’t tell us how much of the active thyroid hormone (T3) is reaching the cells — where it can do its work.

So even though the labs might look okay, there may still be an underlying functional hypothyroidism causing symptoms.

This can be the case even when patients are given Synthroid — a synthetic thyroid treatment.

Synthroid provides T4 — the storage form of thyroid hormone.

But this may or may not be converted to the active form — T3.

Even if Synthroid is converted to T3 — it can still be blocked from entering the cell by reverse T3.

“It has been presumed that the peripheral conversion of T4 into T3 is sufficient to satisfy the overall tissue requirements. However, evidence is presented that this is not the case for all patients, especially those exposed to indoor air molds.”

This study analysed case reports from a number of patients who did not recover from chronic mold exposure even with adequate Synthroid/T4 supplementation.

“A retrospective study was carried out in nine patients with a history of mold exposure, experiencing chronic fatigue, cognitive disorder, and different kinds of hypothyroid symptoms despite provision of Synthroid (T4).”

In these cases the doctors gave the active thyroid hormone — T3.

“This retrospective study describes the successful treatment of nine patients in whom NTIS was treated with T3-based thyroid hormone.”

T3 supplementation was determined by symptoms as well as more complex thyroid hormone labs.

“Treatment was based on careful interview, clinical monitoring, and laboratory analysis of serum free T3 (FT3), reverse T3 (rT3) and thyroid-stimulating hormone, free T4, cortisol, and DHEA values.”

The researchers noted the ratio of T3 to reverse T3 hormones.

Reverse T3 can block T3 — meaning higher levels of T3 are needed.

“The ratio of FT3/rT3 was calculated.”

Some of the patients also received DHEA and hydrocortisone.

All of the patients showed significant symptomatic improvement when they received enough of the active thyroid hormone — T3.

“During the therapy, all nine patients reported improvements in all of the symptom groups.”

Some of the patients still had mild symptoms. In those cases, all of those patients were still exposed to mold.

“Those who had residual symptoms during T3-based therapy remained exposed to indoor air molds in their workplaces.”

Patients who were previously unable to work returned to work.

“Four patients were unable to work and had been on disability leave for a long time during T4 therapy. During the T3 based and supportive therapy, all patients returned to work.”

The research shows the importance of proper analysis of all of the thyroid hormone labs, including reverse T3.

Especially in cases of chronic disease like mold exposure.

T3 can be dangerous when taken in excess.

Thyroid supplementation should be overseen by a healthcare professional who knows the ins and outs of all of the thyroid hormones.

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