Sleep this way each night — add decades to your life?

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Are you sleeping this way for a long life? 

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Sleep this way each night — add decades to your life?

Today’s newsletter is about sleep and long life. Let me start at the beginning. 

When the doctor tells a man that he has high blood pressure or diabetes, the first thing the doc normally does is get out his prescription pad…

…and write a script for a medicine they probably expect the guy to be on for the REST of his life.

What a casual decision. What profound and bad consequences…

My guess is that if it’s you in the doctors’ office…

Your doc maybe doesn’t ask about your sleeping patterns, how much you exercise, or what you eat. 

It’s not your doc’s fault. It’s exactly what Big Pharma trains doctors to do.

(Big Pharma provides huge hidden and public funding to our medical schools…)

This drives me bonkers!

Because most of the time, diabetes and high blood pressure can be reversed WITHOUT using Big Pharma meds. 

This is especially true if these conditions are in the early stages. 

But today I’m going to tell you something that your doctors probably don’t even know about yet…

And that is the connection between sleep and longevity – pretty much for any reason…

But especially if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure.

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Sleeping less than six hours a night leads to death.

Getting enough sleep is magic

Sleep resets your body, decreases inflammation, and cleans up the tau proteins in your brain that can lead to Alzheimer’s. 

It’s wonderful stuff. But not getting enough sleep can lead to seriously bad consequences.

In this study, people who had high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes – and slept less than 6 hours a day – had a massive increase in their rate of death.

“People who had high blood pressure or diabetes and slept less than six hours had twice the increased risk of dying from heart disease or stroke.”

“People who had heart disease or stroke and slept less than six hours had three times the increased risk of dying from cancer.”

A two to three times increased rate of death from not sleeping enough is a HUGE problem. 

If a med gave you these kinds of results it would be pulled from the market!

Sleeping more than six hours a night contributes to health.

On the other hand, sleeping more than six hours a night is protective and helps lead to a normal lifespan…

Even if you have chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

“The increased risk of early death for people with high blood pressure or diabetes was negligible if they slept for more than six hours.”

Getting better sleep…

This leads to the question: How DO you get a better night’s sleep? 

I’ve helped lots of guys with this. And there are two things that I’ve found that work better than others.

➤ Avoid blue lights at night.

Our computers, cell phones, and sometimes LED lights emit a spectrum of light called blue light. 

Blue light has been shown to create DNA changes in fruit flies and wakefulness in humans.

Try to avoid screens (TV at a distance seems to be less disruptive) two hours before bedtime. 

If you can’t avoid screens, pick up some blue blocker glasses on Amazon (or somewhere) and wear those when you are using screens. This can really help.

➤ Try some collagen and OJ.

Another thing that is remarkably helpful is a couple of tablespoons of collagen (I use the Great Lakes brand in the green can) at bedtime in a glass of OJ. 

The collagen will help you get to sleep AND can help you sleep through the night.

The bottom line on sleep…

Getting enough sleep is critical to your health. 

And this is especially true if you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 

For most people that means between six and nine hours of sleep a night.

Good sleep hygiene and keeping a consistent routine around bedtime and wake time can help and can contribute to good health and a long life.

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